Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in all world. To stop smoking, it is not simple for some people.

To do smoking quit is not simple. The cigarette addiction causes changes in brain structure, which makes it difficult weaning. More precisely, it alters the communication between neurons "talk" by sending chemical messages through the synapses. It is at this level that some interference occurs. "Nicotine stimulates the reward circuit in the brain. So a person who stops smoking is found lacking, " says experts smoking cessation.
It is better to be prepared, incorporating the fact that smoking cessation is associated with the onset of certain disorders. And perspective, and recognize the new advantages that the end of the dependency. "I think this is the most important success to leave his" best enemy ", the specialist again. People who quit smoking are particularly relieved to have regained their independence. They no longer need to plan their day according to the cigarette, to provide a place where they will be free to smoke.
A Matter of Preparation

Do not rush. Someone who smokes twenty years is not nearly two weeks. Before arriving at the "quit day" (day of judgment) it is important to understand what place the cigarette in his life is that I smoke for social reasons, for pleasure, for stress? In the latter case, you should know that stress is feeling the need of nicotine. Relief induced by smoking is due at this time not to its calming effect - nicotine is a stimulant rather - but to stop missing.
It is also necessary to examine the reasons for wanting to stop. Is it to preserve his health to avoid harming his entourage, to keep beautiful skin? "I had a patient who wanted to stop because his dog, who accompanied everywhere by car, had lung cancer," says one health expert.

Anticipate Situations that Promote Relapse

Once this inventory is established, it is important to anticipate risk situations after smoking cessation. Relapses are most often occurs in the presence of other smokers in the presence of alcohol. Besides the temptations are not the same as equality. "Women often relapse to try to manage negative emotions, while men took the cigarette living positive emotions, such as the victory of their football club. The important thing, if a relapse occurs, it is viewed as a step, learning, and not as a failure, " Doctors said.
Stop without too much effort, it is the wish of every smoker, but in general, it needs help. You can try meditation it is useful, whether antagonists of nicotine and antidepressants, or more generally, nicotine replacement (patches, gum, pills or inhaled). "We sometimes prescribe several products together, and we do test the patient before stopping smoking..

Is Electronics Cigarette Revolution?

But the arrival of the electronic cigarette is likely to change significantly given, because it is likely that administration of nicotine without combustion products related to tobacco is safe. If the safety of the electronic cigarette is confirmed, it would be a major invention in the fight against smoking: "The electronic cigarette provides a substantial amount of nicotine, tobacco flavors, gestures, a visible vapor. It also causes a peculiar sensation when passing the nicotine in the throat, like a scratch, which is followed by a release of dopamine in the brain. The users of electronic cigarettes, describe it very well."

For now, however, researchers lack data on the potential toxicity of the cigarette, the same. its ingredients (propylene glycol or glycerol), have long been used in medicine and food and are considered safe. In some country you cannot sell electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. Consumption is therefore the user's risk.

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