The hypothalamus controls both our nervous system and our endocrine system. Which adds up to pretty much everything that goes on. It’s the tiny king of a vast realm.

About the size of an almond and the shape of a little, lumpy pancake, the hypothalamus tucks up under the base of the brain, part of the brain, but unprotected by the blood/brain barrier

I think you should stand and salute every time you read the word ‘hypothalamus.’ That would slow things way down, but perhaps you’d end up filled with an appropriate amount of awe.

Because the hypothalamus is under attack, and it’s likely you’re participating in your own destruction, mostly by what you eat and drink.

Auto-immune diseases–multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto thyroiditis, in fact, all auto-immune diseases–point a strong finger of suspicion at a flaky hypothalamus. Neuropathy–nerve pain–comes from hypothalamus problems. Any and all endocrine disorders can originate from a whacked out hypothalamus. And on. And on.

You never want to mess with a major player, and the hypothalamus is a big-time major player.

Why then, pray tell, do we give it a world of grief every day? Because nobody ever mentions the problem.

It’s long been said that we shouldn’t talk about religion or politics in polite company, and somewhere along the way, talking about the hypothalamus joined the ranks of the hush-hush.

Which means it’s my kind of topic. So let’s talk.

Aspartame and MSG are hypothalamus killers. No sense beating around the bush, as my mother used to say. These things hate you, hate your body, hate your life. Yes, they’re that toxic.

And mixing the two, as we often do with, say, a diet Coke and a bag of Doritos, multiplies the damage many times over.

Both aspartame and MSG come from amino acids, life’s basic building blocks. Which certainly sounds promising. But amino acids come with rules, chief of which is they have to be balanced or have a way to balance themselves.

Aspartate, the source of aspartame, and glutamate, the source of MSG, are not balanced and cannot balance themselves. They do one thing, and only one thing: Excite our cells, particularly the brain. Specifically the hypothalamus.

Aspartame and MSG are excitoxins. They rev up our cells to a dangerous, toxic level.

Aspartame and MSG torch the hypothalamus. It loses its ability to function, and we go down the tubes. Here come any number of endocrine problems–including a hit to the immunity-protecting thymus. Here come auto-immune diseases. Here comes peripheral neuropathy. In fact, here comes a world of hurt and woe–and nobody warns us.

Well, consider this your warning. Written in all caps, big and red, blinking: Don’t let aspartame and MSG into your house, let alone your mouth.

I hope I haven’t been too subtle. You need to be considerate, even kind, to your hypothalamus if you want your health to go well.

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