This week on Intent, we want to hear your advice on overcoming challenges. What can we all do as individuals to successfully overcome any hardship that stand in our way?

Challenge is essential for character growth, but also has an annoying way of making us anxious, intimidated, insecure, confused and sometimes downright scared. Challenges can be as mundane as adjusting to a new work environment or sticking to a healthy diet. They can be as drastic as a break-up of a long-term relationship or a death in the family.

Other common challenges are: unemployment, depression, launching a new business, family feuds, illness, divorce, accidents--you name it. Wherever you are at your life right now, you are probably in the process of overcoming some life challenge that is greatly affecting you at this moment.

We want to hear your tactics for kicking challenge in the butt. How can we grow some mental muscles and emerge victorious from the thing that is trying to beat us down? Your tips and ideas can be tailored to a specific challenge or address life challenges in general. Whatever it is, we want to hear them all.

Here are some ideas of my own:

1. I ask myself, WWMOD? (What Would Michelle Obama Do?)

2. I listen to my Lil' Wayne station on Pandora internet radio.

3. I remind myself of all the other people my age in my life who are kicking butt in life. If they can do it, I can, too!

4. Lastly, I remind myself of the other heroes in my life who have overcome challenges far greater and far more soul-crushing than anything I will probably ever experience in my entire life. My new favorite hero whom I recently discovered is Somaly Mam, a former child prostitute from Cambodia who was sold into a brothel at the age of 12, saw her own best friend killed before her own eyes by a pimp, and now works tirelessly to eradicate sex slavery from her homeland and the rest of the world. Visit the Somaly Mam Foundation for more information.

Join Intent's mission this week to inspire others with ideas on how to overcome challenges. Tag your blog posts "challenge" and we will be featuring the best challenge-related content at the end of the week. We can't wait to read your contributions!

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