We all know the joke, "Do you smoke after sex?"

(The answer is "It depends on how fast we were going!")

Not many people get the connection between smoking, love and romance, but it is there.

Check out the dating services and personals. How many times will you see the words "Non smoker seeks same" or "Smokers need not apply." For smokers looking for that "special someone", the options are obviously limited. A good question to ask yourself is, do you want your smoking habit to limit the chances of your finding the person who is just right for you?

Quitting smoking can improve your romantic chances and your love life.

1. Nicotine as a toxin is in the bloodstream. It has a definite oral odor ("smoker's breath") and exudes through the pores. Nicotine substitutes will do nothing to alleviate this problem, they just change the delivery system. No amount of perfume or breath mints will completely mask the odor. So if you are with someone who is adverse to the odor of nicotine, your body is constantly sending them a signal-- one that they will find repellent.

2. Smokers have a tendency to wheeze. It's the tar and junk that has built up in the lungs. There is also the coughing. Not very attractive, is it?

3. We all know that smokers have lower stamina. It's the health issue again. So for those times s of prolonged "cuddling", the energy just isn't there. How many times have you heard about the complaint that "...the love didn't last long enough"?

4. It is a proven scientific fact that when seeking a partner, people unconsciously assess the survival factor of the potential mate-- their success potential. A smoker obviously is a person with health risks. A smoker is likely to be unconsciously considered a risky mate. It isn't cruelty or rejection-- it's nature!

Even if you are in a committed relationship, your love life may be suffering from the effects of smoking-- not on you, but on your partner. If your partner does not smoke and you do, this difference will always be an issue. Your significant other may not say anything, but may harbor uncomfortable feelings. And eventually, these feelings will get expressed, perhaps in rejection. "Not tonight, I have a headache." may really mean, "Not tonight, I don't like the way you smell!"

When you are smoke free, those personals and ads that specify a nonsmoker will no longer be an issue. When you are smoke free you no longer send unconscious signals that you are a risky potential mate.

If you DO have a partner already, the fact that you have identified a possible block in your love relationship and that you are taking steps to do something about it may work wonders. It says to your partner, "I care about you enough to make myself more attractive and healthy for you."

Author's Bio: 

Tim Thompson is the owner of ClydeSight Productions, producers of the System 12: Self-Improvement Interactive Smoke Free program, the unique interactive stop smoking program that runs on your PC.

The URL for the System 12: Smoke Free Program is http://www.sys12smokefree.com