Online racing has been a very catchy and engaging activity since the time when computer games were incepted and created for the masses. The internet’s World Wide Web provided the medium to service it to every fan around the globe and voila! Every enthusiast who was interested with the concept was glued.

It’s highly addictive how racing gets you competitive and not just that, it’s contagious too. So joining a community only boosts our enthusiasm to get started and be actively involved in all stages of the game.

Thoroughbred racing has thrived on this concept for ages and now it is probably reigning the world of sports as one of the most exciting and realistic games amongst all. The sport is a hardcore real racing where the thoroughbreds bred specifically to race, trained for distances that are inherited from their pedigree, entered into appropriate tournaments and then raced to win incredible amounts of money that the sport wagers through public involvement.

Did you know, horse racing is the only one game that allows online betting? It’s the only sport where players and followers can legally bet and make a living out of!

Not just that, thoroughbred racing is one of the highest money laundering games, it’s a game where people earn their bread by monitoring a horse’s life cycle, his training records, his race performances and then betting on his win/defeat statistics. Essentially, it’s not a pastime the game promotes but a very crucial aspect of it when the betting is conducted on a specific horse or a particular race.

And you thought the care of horses was a country side affair?

Thoroughbreds require a very well-defined set of living conditions, training equipments and tracks, proper care and maintenance and a full time team of grooms and caretakers to manage them. Thoroughbreds in olden times lived and raced on farms but with the new age version of racing picking up, specialized facilities built primarily for thoroughbred care and training have been established and these cost millions of dollars.

Thoroughbred racing may have set off at the country sides and inspired from a lesser specifically bred breed of horses and limited only for the elite to indulge in; but today it’s a global affair and its evolved into a much more specialized genre of sport.

Internet only propped the game to another level, one which encourages fans and followers from around the globe to indulge in it through the web. Online simulated race games provide simulated races for chosen players, the thoroughbreds available to choose from can be any legendary horses who no longer race or are probably not alive. But then, the game provides you the opportunity to unravel it all.

Players get to create their tournaments, choose their contenders, design the structure of the race, choose a role as in the trainer or audience or the jockey and then relive an experience that in reality could never have been created.

Transcend above the physical and geographical constraints and build what reality couldn’t. Pit chosen thoroughbreds against each other that otherwise would be impossible, bet online and without losing any real money, polish your skills until you are ready.

Even the real racing experts have been utilizing the race simulation games such as the Horse Racing Fantasy to build their strategies for different upcoming races. You could simply download racing games and following a registration process, be good to go.

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