Thought is the limitation within which I have this human experience. At first, that may be a slippery concept to grasp. Beyond the understanding that I can think, and fall immersed into thought, is the concept that I can step out of thought.

As long as I’m experiencing life from inside the box of thoughts, stories, beliefs, and mental conjecture, my happiness will be a temporary candy coating. Jumping out of the box is equivalent to gaining lucidity, or waking up to being present in the moment, outside of unneeded thought.

Lucidity is to be awake, or present within the silence of the mind. Jumping out of the box, gives my higher Self a direct connection to this playground we call life. This is the space from which authentic change and elation manifests.

EMPOWERMENT: Today I will be the eyewitness, so that I may jump out of the box of thought and connect with Guidance, higher Intelligence, and boundless possibility.

From the book, FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles, on Amazon:

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Gina Charles writes about authentic living and spiritual awakening with wit and practicality. She is the author and illustrator of, “Shift Happens” and “FUEL Your Life”. Gina is also the author of the Authentic Living Blog, and founder of the New World Apparel dot com. For more, visit: