Thoughts Of Wife's Previous Lovers Bothering You: Wife's Past Is Killing Me

There are men who sometimes think about their wife being with previous lovers and it generates strong, unpleasant, unhappy feelings within them. For some men, it's so strong that it "hurts" or even makes them "sick".

The word we use for these feelings is "jealous".

However, here's what a man needs to know...he must first "do" something in order to "feel" jealous. Specifically, HE MUST USE HIS MIND AGAINST HIMSELF! He must use his mind in a non-useful way.

In other words, he must use his mind to imagine scenarios where in comparison to himself, those previous lovers:

1. Were better lovers
2. Had a larger penis
3. Generated greater pleasure in his wife

Or, he must use his mind to imagine "sickening", "revolting" scenarios that have to do with other men's:

1. "Dirty" hands on his wife
2. Semen on or in his wife's body
3. "Slobbering" lips on his wife

There are other non-useful scenarios a man can imagine about his wife in relation to her previous lovers but the result is the same: the man FEELS unhappy and he REPELS his wife.

Knowing that what's important to a woman is how the man in her life makes her feel about herself and him, there's no way a man dwelling on these non-useful scenarios can make his wife feel good about herself or him.

And so, she will eventually leave. That's why she left all those previous lovers too.

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A woman wants a man who has it together in his own head so that he can take both of them to happiness now and in the future.

What she doesn't want is some guy who's stuck in the past and dwelling upon the other men that she's been with. What she doesn't want is some guy who is a "project" that she has to try to "hold together" so he doesn't "fall apart". What she doesn't want is a guy who's constantly drowning in self-pity that she constantly has to "rescue".

She wants a man with love in his heart - not jealousy - because she wants to be loved. She wants a man who desires her - not who's thinking about her and men she's been with before - because she wants a lover. She wants a strong, secure man - not some mental and emotional weakling - because she needs a man whose strength can counter-balance her weakness.

A woman knows for sure that a man who is jealous-turned can never be a source of love and happiness for her.

If you tend to be one of those who feels jealousy over your wife's previous lovers, here's a viewpoint for you to consider...

All those previous lovers made her what she is now...a woman who can REALLY appreciate a good MAN. That's why she's with YOU. She had HIGH HOPES that you were going to be that man!

Are you going to disappoint her? Are you going to let her down and "show" her that she hasn't found the "man" yet and that she needs to continue looking?


Will you become the ATTRACTIVE MAN who is a source of love and strength for her so the two of you can enjoy a happy life?

Really, how long do you expect you can continue to be the weakling who's too weak to even control his mind and direct it to be positive and useful before you lose your wife?

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It's a peculiar phenomenon... Any husband can tell you that men and women are different - they think different, they have different ways of reaching the same end, and they march to the beat of different drums.

And yet, even though men know this, their behavior and actions imply that women are just like them - that women have the same approach, the same take, the same perspective, the same processes as they do...

But they don't! Women do NOT have the same approach, the same take, the same perspective, the same processes that men do.

So, let's look at some examples where men frequently act as if women are just like them...

Here's one... As a general rule, a wife (assuming she's reasonably attractive) can expose her nude body to her husband and in a matter of a few seconds, her husband will be ready for sexual intercourse. Oddly enough, the way many men go about lovemaking it's the same as if they believed they could expose their nude body to their wife and she should be ready for sexual intercourse within a few seconds.

Technically, men understand this difference and yet, when they get into the bedroom with their wife, their actions belie IGNORANCE in the ways of female sexuality.

Here's another... When a group of guys are together in a "locker room" type setting, they have a certain way they talk amongst themselves. Generally, there are plenty of dirty jokes flying around. Usually, penis size put-downs are being bantered back and forth. Often, there's plenty of talk about "using" a woman sexually, etc. Bizarrely, there are men who come on to their wife in the same way they banter, brag, and bash with their guy friends - although it's usually somewhat scaled down and softened.

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These kinds of guys usually feel genuine affection for their wife and they're always hurt when their wife doesn't respond in the way they want her to - and they wonder what's wrong...

Here's yet another... Men can have a perfectly wonderful day accomplishing and achieving whatever it is that they are doing, completely happy, and it doesn't bother them in the least if their wife doesn't say a word to them all day. They can then crawl into bed with their wife at night and accept her sexual advances as if it's the perfectly natural and appropriate thing to do.

But then, they'll turn around and swear that they are married to the world's most non-sexual woman because she doesn't respond to him after he's ignored her the entire day.

I could give plenty more examples but you get the idea; men know women are different but they frequently act and behave as if they are the same - AND THEY GET LOUSY RESULTS in their relationship with their wife.

Now, I'm going to reveal a MAJOR SECRET to you...

This tendency you have of PROJECTING - of acting and behaving as if others are just like you - well, guess what? Your wife has the same tendency too. Let me say it this way...

For the most part, your wife behaves and acts TOWARDS you the way she wants to be treated BY you.

What this means is that all you have to do to start enjoying more intimacy and more sex with your wife is start paying attention to how she is NATURALLY acting and behaving towards you and then start PROJECTING that same type of action and behavior back to her - in a manly way of course. This will cause her to feel a closer connection with you which you can then parlay into a sexual connection.

In other words, your wife is plainly showing you how to seduce her if you'll just pay attention and leverage her "lead".

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When you are wondering is my marriage in trouble consider how open the lines of communication are between you and your spouse. Remember back to the beginnings of your relationship and how you likely shared just about everything with one another. It's natural for that to change over time but if you've now reached a point where you two aren't talking much at all, that's reason for concern. In order for any partnership to thrive, including a marriage, the two parties must communicate openly with each other. A sign of disaster approaching is little small talk and no discussions about anything important to your marriage or family.

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If you two are spending more and more time apart that's a red flag that something is very amiss in your marriage. A married couple should want to spend time together. They should enjoy one another's company and miss each other when they are not together. If you and your spouse are looking for excuses to not be at home that's a warning sign that your marriage may be unraveling. Another surefire sign of trouble is when one partner decides not to accompany the family on vacations. If this is occurring in your marriage, don't mislead yourself into believing it's because your spouse is busy. No one is ever too busy to enjoy a little away time with their spouse and children.

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How well do you know your marriage problems? Many couples did not get the problems right when they get a divorce, so ending up having regrets with their decision. In order to save your broken marriage, you need to learn how to speak and listen intently to your spouse about his or her unhappiness in this marriage. Be patient and try not to get emotions over you when finding out the problems, make an effort to understand how your spouse feels without comparing or blaming each other. When you are able to get the full picture right, you can begin planning the ways to save your broken marriage.

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Most couples will show out their emotions whey they are facing troubles in their marriage. They are likely to react angrily, tearfully and some probably will start to think on the very extreme side, revenging or committing suicide. Showing out any of the bad emotions will only make your situation worse and sometimes it could just push away the spouse to work on the marriage again. Whatever situations you are facing, you have to be calm especially if you still hoping to save your broken marriage.

After sorting out your feelings, you should learn how to save a broken marriage by willing to change yourself too. Even if you feel that most of the problems do not lie with you, you still need to change the current situation that you are in now. Reassess yourself and see what are the areas that you can improve on, this way can make you feel a better and confident person. This is definitely a positive drive to work ahead of. Nobody is perfect in this world, so never be too focused on your spouse's weakness. Instead, you should only focus on the strength. Think back what made your spouse so attracted to you in the beginning stage. Remember, don't blame yourself or your spouse for the marriage problems.

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