Do you want to start making passive income on the internet? Not sure how you can do so? Do read on because I will be sharing with you the power of affiliate marketing. With these three easy steps, you can be on your way to earning internet income. By the end of this article, I hope you will have a better understanding of this topic. Are you ready? Let me get started!

Step 1: Pick A Product And A Niche

You need to know that there are many products which you can promote as an affiliate marketer. However, if you are simply starting your journey, you will not be successful if you go about promoting many products in the various niches which you can find. In other to start making passive income as an affiliate marketer, you need to focus on promoting one product in one niche. If you choose to promote more than one product, even in the same niche, your efforts will be split and results may not come as quickly as they ought to.

My recommendation is that you pick one product in an evergreen niche. An evergreen niche is one where there is always a fresh supply of customers. These are niches that deal with problems that always exist. Examples of evergreen niches include but are not limited to weight loss, insomnia, breakups and yes, even affiliate marketing.

Step 2: Create A Simple Squeeze Page

Why this step? Many internet marketers have stated that the money is in the list, so building a list is vital for making passive income. For this step, you will need to sign up with an autoresponder service. Autoresponders allow you to collect the email address of your website visitors, so that you can communicate with them via email. This is where you build rapport with them and you send them offers via email. Another advantage here is you can also schedule follow up messages that are to be sent sequentially.

Once you have an autoresponder, you need to build a squeeze page. Avoid adding too much color or too many images on your squeeze page, because that will distract the visitor and affect the opt-in rate of your squeeze page. Stick to a plain and simple template, because that has been shown to have a better opt-in rate, compared to colorful squeeze pages.

Step 3: Drive Traffic To Your Website

There are many methods to drive traffic to your website. However, do take note that the free traffic generation methods may not bring results quickly, because they are meant to sustain the flow of traffic to your website in the long run. If you want to get traffic to your website quickly, you will have to go for paid traffic. Yes, you have to pay for your traffic, but with proper tracking and strategies, you can earn a profit for every dollar spent on traffic.

With that, I hope you have a better idea of how you can start making passive income on the internet. I hope you have benefitted from my sharing today. I wish you success in your ventures.

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