Need a good exercise to reduce tummy fat? We could all use some fat busting exercises to help slim down that belly. To do that, you can do some efficient fat burning exercises at your own home without any fancy or expensive fitness equipment. Here are 3 great ones that anybody can do and they’ll get you results.

Renegade Dumbbell Rows

This is an excellent exercise that actually works out your entire mid-section. After you do a set of these, you’ll really feel it stretching in your tummy.

Begin by putting 2 dumbbells on the floor, one in every hand. Your arms should be about a shoulder-width apart. After that, resting your bodyweight on the hands (gripping the dumbbells), extend your thighs and leg behind you so that you’re in a push-up position.

Now, take your right arm and move it back so your dumbbell comes to about your belly. While you’re doing this, keep the left arm steel solid on the floor. Visualize that you’re pushing into the ground. Get the right arm back into the first straight position. Then, holding your right dumbbell to the ground, draw your left elbow back in the same manner.

Although it seems like an arm workout, it gives your abs a significant workout. It also educates you balance and stability. It’s actually the stabilizing arm which induces the real workout. You’ll feel it stretching when you pull that other arm back!

Front Squats With A Barbell

Front squats are also a great exercise for busting stomach fat. You notice the legs stretching, but it’s really the muscles in your stomach area that stabilize everything, and this exercise causes them to tight.

The best grip for doing front squats is the crossover grip. Instead of the traditional grip, this one crosses the arms in front so that the barbell is resting on the shoulders with the hands as support. The elbows are still pointing to the front, but this gives the abs much more action.

The grip takes a bit of training to get right to begin with. You should have someone explain to you how it’s done or have a instructor to demonstrate for you. Like with all of barbell workouts, don’t bit off more than you can chew in terms of weight. Moreover, don’t bounce off the ground when you come up as you’ll be tempted to do. This isn't only a workout to reduce tummy fat, it’ll help enhance and sculpt your legs too.

Do The Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a good exercise for providing your belly a much-needed workout. The simplest way to do it is with a ball. Hold it in front of you with both of your hands while sitting on the ground. Turn one way in a 45 degree angle. Your back and core must be straight, but let your abdomen do the twisting and you’ll really feel it down there. Go 45 degrees one way, and then do it the opposite way.

That’s all there is to it. If you’re not feeling any stretching in your tummy, you’re performing something wrong. Make certain you’re not twisting at the base of the backbone or the shoulders. You ought to sense it within your belly.

The exercises above are great tummy exercises. However, keep in mind that if you want to get rid of your belly fat completely, you have to do something more than merely working the mid-section. You’ve got to do whole body exercises to really see improvement. The most effective whole body exercises consist of cardio exercise and strength training. Therefore, all-round exercise to reduce tummy fat is what you should do now. Have your whole body working and you'll see not only great improvement in tummy area, but also on your whole body, including arm, back, and thigh.

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