Currency trading platform is an essential tool that all traders must master. Why? Because it is the one that connect you with the forex market. That is why you have to know your platform well and recognize the one that is suitable for your personal circumtances. Currently, there are a few types of trading platform that you can get from a forex broker:

1. Application at Your PC
The most typical type of forex trading platform is a free application that you can download and install at your home PC. The famous MT4 (MetaTrader4) is also one of these. Typically, this sort of trading platform provide quite advanced features and you can use it for various purposes. Sometimes, a broker can provide a few different application based trading platforms that you could choose.

With this kind of trading platform, at least you’ll get real time prices and standard charting feature that you can use for standard market analysis. Additionally it is the most convenient trading platform. I highly suggest MT4 as the most recommended trading platform with a lot of sophisticated functions. Most of the forex robots (expert advisors) also made to run on MetaTrader4.

2. Web Based Trading Platform
Web based trading platform provide pretty similar features with the application type, but with fewer functions and could not support forex robot. It's much like a membership type, thus to be able to access it, you must visit the website and type in your login info. A good example for this would be trading platform from Xforex.

The benefit of this type is you can access it anywhere worldwide so long as you have a computer and internet connection. Remember that you don’t have to install anything for it to works. If you travelling frequently, can’t bring your notebook, or traveling to places without wireless internet connection on a regular basis, usually internet shop is your sole choice. When it does, web based trading platform can really come in handy.

Nonetheless, remember that using shared computer in an internet shop can make you prone to account hacking. So before you leave the computer, ensure that you at least clear your browsing data and erase your cookies.

3. Mobile Phone or Smart Phone Trading Platform
This is an application that you could download and install at your mobile phone or smart phone. If you are go out often but still inside the coverage area of wireless internet connection, this alternative is way more safe than web based trading platform.

Your broker might provide you with one or more types of currency trading platform, so it up to you to determine which one is suitable for your personal circumstances. My suggestion is you must master at least one application based trading platform since it is the most stable one and can provide you with many features.

In addition, if you are going out often, avoid using web based trading platform and stick to mobile trading whenever possible. By selecting and mastering the right trading platform, you can trade conveniently and avoid unnecessary risk.

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