Team building exercises can run the gamut from simple child's play to a more complex problem to solve the challenges. What can be done indoors or out, day or night. The accessories used in these exercises are inexpensive. The only element of these exercises you require to invest some money on good and reputable firms. Experienced firms and agencies are essential to organize, monitor and evaluate activities. A poorly trained facilitator can easily turn what should be a productive experience in a complete waste of time. The important role of the facilitator will be evident when reviewing the exercises below.

1. Prepare The Mine Field
This is a simple exercise is organized to build confidence and communication skills. It can be done inside or outside and requires no extraordinary tools. First of all you need to do is prepare the minefield. This is simply a matter of placing objects on the ground as balls or Styrofoam cups or plates within a so-called "field". Then randomly pair up team members. You can draw names from a hat if that works for you. The idea is that one of the members to negotiate the minefield with eyes closed on the basis of the guidelines of the second member. So basically you have a team member who cannot see or speak to be led by someone who can see and speak, but must not touch or physically guide the other. It is one of the ideal outbound training.

2. Group Juggle
It is one of the best exercise in problem solving and team cooperation. Idyllically, the team must have six to eight people, but you can make it bigger or smaller to fit your needs. Making the team forms a circle and then put another ball. Explain that the ball has to be thrown to each person in the circle, but no person can handle twice. Give them the ball and let them have at it. When the task is completed say how long it took them and challenge them to do it faster. Give them two minutes to communicate. After the second attempt to ask them if they can do it faster still and ask him to tell how fast you can get it done. Allow 3 minutes for planning. This gives the group the opportunity not only to solve a problem, but to predict how fast a computer can perform. This is one of the important team building events that firms organize to boost team spirit.

3. Improvisation Circle
This is a simple ice breaker and an excellent exercise for newly formed teams. That whole team forms a circle in front. The facilitator explains that they are about to tell a story about an issue and the team is responsible for creating a word at a time. When given the subject, the person selected to start the story returns to the person on your right, make eye contact and say the first word. That second person will turn right, make eye contact and say the second word and so on. At the end of the story that have not only created something together, but the strange eye contact has made a much more cohesive.

This are some of the important team building activities and outbound training activities that is organized in organization.

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