When it comes to approaching a woman and delivering romantic pick up lines there are three important tips I want to share with you.

Before I begin, I just want to give you a bit about my background. You see I used to be really shy around women. All my friends could hold a conversion with women and have a good laugh.

I would just really anxious and then go bright red in the face. I couldn't string more than two words together and my voice was really quiet and soft instead of my normal loud confident tone.

I started to copy my friends chat up lines as it worked for them but did not get quite the same level of success with women.

I am going to share the 3 tips I discovered so any pick up lines you create will work for you.

1. Your romantic pick up lines must be seen as genuine

Women like to feel important. They want the magical fairy tale romance story to come true for them. They want a prince to come along and whisk them away like a princess.
The problem with just repeating someone else's chat up line is it is not genuine. Women are really good at spotting fakes.

If the line does not reflect your personality and character, the incongruence will be a massive turn off for the girl. They will know you have just been playing a numbers game and saying the same line to lots of girls hoping you find the one that works.

2. Your romantic pick up lines must show you to confident but not arrogant.

Another important trait a woman is looking for in a man is confidence. A woman by instinct wants a man who will offer them security. They want a man who is strong mentality and can provide for them.

Women do not want a man who goes bright red in the face and starts to sweat.

Approaching a women with your awesome line is the important first impression. The girl must see you as confident. They will listen to a confident and genuine person as it is of interest and will get attention.

The mistake is going to far and being overly confident so you just come across as arrogant or cocky.

You need to show your confidence straight away but then move the interest over to them. Do not keep talking about yourself. Be interested in the girl.

3. Your romantic pick up lines must start a conversation.

An important part of any line is to invoke a response from the girl.

I see so many men who ask as closed question where the girl can only say yes or no. It is a conversation killer.
You need to create lines that are open and invite a response that starts a conversation.

A pick up line opens the door. Have a conversation with the girl is what will take the dating success to new levels.
Implement these three tips into your pick up arsenal to get the results with women you dream of.

Anyone, including you, can find their perfect mate using romantic pick up lines quickly and easily.

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Anyone, including you, can find their perfect mate using romantic pick up lines quickly and easily.

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