The mainstream modern diet is something our hunter/ gatherer ancestor could only dream off. It's rich in fat and sugar, both of which to our forefathers were very hard to come by. After the industrial revolution and the exponential increase in consumption, people started getting these rare commodities with ease. And now what was once a special treat is dangerous because it has more calories than we can burn. Many food ingredients out there are like landmines and you should strictly avoid them. The following are a few foods that should be on your blacklist:

1. ADDED SUGAR: This is perhaps the most dangerous food ingredient out there. It's everywhere; in our fizzy drinks, lemonades, teas, chocolates, biscuits, muffins, confectionaries, some packaged fruit juices and cakes. Although it sweetens your food and makes it heavenly in taste, it unfortunately is not at all healthy.

Excessive amounts of added sugar can lead to diabetes and other health problems. Its abundance of calories can lead to weight gain, if not burned quickly. There is also enough evidence to prove that it can even cause heart disease. All in all, the less sugar you consume, the better. However, our hunter/gatherer gene hasn't still figured out that sugar unlike 10,000 years ago is abundant now and there is no need to binge on it.

It is well known that sugar, gives you an energy surge when you are worn out. It is the binging that causes the problem. When consumed in excessive quantities, the same sugar turns out deadly.

It is difficult to control the temptation towards having sweet and sugar-laden stuff. But if you can keep a cap on your urge for sugar, you can reap in marvelous benefits like having better skin and better moods apart from reducing the risk of diabetes.

Tip: Go for foods that have “no added sugar”.

2. DEEP FRIED FOOD: French fries, potato chips and anything deep-fried should be off your daily diet. Consumption of oily or greasy food can increase the risk of a heart attack manifold. It clogs arteries and even the pores of your skin. Though they might be tasty and crunchy they reduce the good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterol in your blood stream. Coconut oil or olive oil serve as healthier cooking medium.

Tip: Go for healthier snacks that are low on fried content. Check the label for “Not fried, zero transfat”.

3. FOOD DYES & ADDITIVES: Another great snare of the modern age is food dyes. They are commonly used in foods, everything from baked goods to salad dressings to ice-cream, to bring about exotic colors. These artificial colors don't do anything for the flavor of the food and also are harmful to the body.

Research has also associated food dyes with problems in children including allergies, hyperactivity, learning impairment, irritability and aggressiveness.

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a food additive that is found in many foods, especially in fast food restaurants. Doctors say MSGs often overexcite our nerve cells in the brain and can even cause brain cell death if consumed too much. On top of that, MSGs also can lead to fatigue after a big meal.

Tip: Go for foods and snacks that have “natural ingredients, no hydrogenated fats, no additives, no preservatives, no coloring or flavorings.”

What you consume is your choice. Make an informed choice about your food you eat and where you procure them from. Stay healthier.

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