1. If everyone shared the truth as they see it, the devil’s forces would not know who to attack because it could come from every direction. God will bless those who share. The wedding parables have imagery of lamps burning (Lk 12:35, Matt 25) to share light. David cut off the head of the giant with a sword. We must use the sword of truth , Eph 6:17.

2. Truth may offend some people. America is being cowed by fear of offense to black people, white people, Mexicans, Muslims, homosexuals, Catholics–can we see a problem? We don’t have to hate people to be offensive–free speech is being attacked by people who are doing hate acts, but if we condemn free speech that exposes it, we are doomed.

3. Paul said, “Who is offended and I burn not? 2Co 11:29 We must be open to consider what truth is and identify with it, being wise to see it in perspective. Fear will enslave us; We must have courage and “the truth shall make you free.” Jn 8:32 Here’s an example of a huge truth and life is on the line for the brother that is risking his life to share it–please click this link that is a revelation of much truth. https://www.brighteon.com/5991683887001

Please have the courage to share the video with all you know.

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