To undertake spiritual practice, the basic objective for people is enlightenment. The culminating point which is marked in the practices is as a person already attains the spiritual enlightenment to feel the unity of soul, leave all mental and physical engagements behind. It is possessing greatly evolved souls, and for sharing the form of enlightenment. It is possessing greatly evolved souls, and for sharing the form of enlightenment which these spiritual masters propagate it over the world.

For the purposes of practice, reaching spiritual enlightenment has several levels. The masters develop from three levels.

The first level is the level of animality which a lot of people have a tendency for degrading themselves. In this level, you live and experience the reality as any person would. Continuously, you may connect with common activities such as gossiping, talking, analyzing everything around us, planning the future and many more. You are an ordinary person walking here and there like everybody else.

Things you are experiencing are the same with those of everybody else is experiencing, though in this level, you are taking the cue for uplifting your soul’s enlightenment to a more significant existence already. Once considering spiritual enlightenment, you will be at a level as not only are you taking everything as presented but also are you undergoing an effort of detaching worldly-minded things from your existence.

You will rise into humanity which now constitutes the human beings’ nature in the second level. In this level, the person connects with every person and object around him or her. The experience makes him or her like to lose their individuality; but the culmination is taking its mark signaling which unify is happening between the Supreme soul with their own already.

As you have a feeling that you are not the person who you once were anymore and instead anything around you, you close in with the Supreme Soul just like everything coming from Him. This is really a meaningful experience which anyone can undergo since soul enlightening is starting to bloom with much more promises to be much better afterward the succeeding level.

The third level is the divinity which spiritual masters convoke back as well as unite with the very source which human beings came from. In this level, you can no longer feel the connection with anything around you. However this is not a feeling of losing connection with everything, instead you will realize that you are just everything. It means that the spiritual enlightenment have taken up its course up to provide you with the experience which God with oneness is already culminating.

So once you have experienced the humanity, the divinity will make you feel that you are just everything. This means you are not your own mind, body, intellect and faculty senses anymore. And in this level, you are undertaking directly the divine experience, the accomplishment of God, the highest level which spiritual masters can reach.

As a person experience spiritual enlightenment, it will set them free from the material desires, wants and wishes. Not only does it make you feel the full bliss of being free but also do give you the experience of rarely being undertaken by everyone else.

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