The tooth decay is the hygiene-related dental problem that mainly damages the tooth’s enamel. The enamel is referred to the hard outer surface that protects the inner parts of the teeth. Dental decay can generally affect anyone, maybe the children, teens or even the adults. The plaque is considered the sticky bacterial film that mainly forms on the tooth surface of the teeth of the child due to the excessive consumption of the food. When the kids consume the food and drinks with the high level of sugar contents, the bacteria present inside in the plaque starts to produce the harmful acids. These acids will attack the surface of the teeth known as the enamel that generally causes the decay. It is mainly suggested to get treatment as early as possible or else it will spread.

Before you are going in details, you must know the top 3 reasons that cause the tooth decay-

Bad Breath And Tooth Sensitivity

We all know that bad breath is common in the people who are suffering from a poor health condition. It is the primary stage of the tooth decay. Bad breath is the indication that your tooth and oral cavity requires treatment and care. In the advanced cases of tooth decay, the bad breath persists even after the after the brushing of your teeth. Another important sign of the tooth decay is the sensitivity. When the tooth becomes sensitive, there may be an underlying issue. However, in major cases, the patients do not get professional treatment.

A Toothache

When you are experiencing the toothaches, whether it is mild or strong, it is the sign of decay. The toothaches vary depending upon the degree of the decay. If you are suffering from the advanced stage of decay, it will lead to stronger pain in the gums as well in the teeth. The pain becomes severe during the day and again return during the night. Mild toothaches are the indication of the tooth decay. Though the toothaches are common, if the pain persists for at least 2-3 days continuously, you must for a checkup to the dentist.

Black, Grey or Brown Spots On the Enamel

These signs on the enamel are one of the major signs of tooth decay.  Once the decay has progressed, the formation of the black, grey and the brown spots become visible, and that can affect the tooth. If you are noticing the weird spots on the enamel, you must immediately take help from the dentist to prevent the decay from spreading and developing to worse spots. If the spots appear, again and again, this indicates that you must visit the dentist and have a checkup.

Preventing the tooth decay is quite easy if you want to take care of it. You must visit the dentist who has at least 5 years of experience and knowledge in this field, for instance, the Dentist in Holbrook helps the patients in dealing with various dental issues like tooth decay, root canal treatment or child dentistry.

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