Users’ unprotected networks are hunting ground for hackers. They spend lots of time to gain access over the unlocked systems of home users. Therefore, good security policies are highly significant for the security of your computer because you have all your personal data stored in it. And the easiest way to do so is by employing various computer security methods to protect against malicious attacks from hackers.

Here are some tips that allow you to keep up with the security of your personal computer.

Firewall- An honest guard

With huge affinity towards computer security; Firewall is a software (also can be hardware) that plays the role of good gatekeeper between the virtual world and your network. It allows the entry only of the ones defined by you. Hence, firewall is a good and first safety defense against hackers, as well as good for spyware and antivirus protection.

Your home network placed with a router and connected with your Internet service provider (ISP) could have the capability to act as a firewall. One should check the router's configuration settings by entering its IP address into the web browser and enabling the firewall if it is unable. The router is the basis for choosing the security setting between low, medium or high. Other options should be configured that will help in keeping unwanted guests away.

If you do not have a network set up and your computer is linked straight to your ISP then you can configure a firewall right on your computer. Every Windows computers since Windows XP come incorporated with a firewall, which is also recognized as Windows Firewall. Firewall can be made active through the Control Panel. Besides, there are plenty of free firewall programs that can be downloaded. You can find several program desirable for cyber security.

Good wireless security- Must for good protection

There are special security concerns for wireless networks or computers that are fixed straight into the wall. Hackers are highly active are continuously in search of unprotected or badly-protected wireless networks. You can safeguard your wireless network by:

- Altering the default SSID (network name)
- Switching off wireless broadcasting
- Changing router's default username and password
- Enabling MAC address filtering
- Using WPA or WPA2 security protocols, if possible

Best antivirus software-Excellent way to get shielded

Hackers try many methods to penetrate in your system by making use of viruses and alike, so good antivirus software is significant for excellent computer security. The program you choose for your personal computer must have up to date virus definitions. Also, it should be setup for automatic updates, regular weekly scans, and also real-time protection.

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