Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common infection in gynaecology, which can cause huge harm to female friends. If you don't pay much attention to this disease, it can break out repeatedly, and even lead to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Studies show that 20% to 30% of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease will have problems in getting pregnancy, and recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease will increase the incidence of infertility. Indeed, women should take the disease seriously. But in daily life, there are several mistakes about the treatment among patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, which are worthy of attention.

1. Excessive cleaning

If you contact with germs carelessly, or do not pay attention to reproductive health, you are likely to induce pelvic inflammatory disease. The same is true of excessive cleaning. Many women think that as long as they keep clean, they won't get sick anyway. So many female friends develop a habit of excessive cleaning, which is not totally helpful.

This is because the woman's vagina usually has a self-cleaning function. Frequent cleaning or a long-time sitting bath will destroy the original defense function in some ways, resulting in the imbalance of vaginal acid and base. In this case, bacteria can get a chance to invade female private parts, leading to infection and then pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Self-medicate at will

Medicine is the enemy of disease, but that doesn't mean you can do self-medicate at will. When women have chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, they will feel very painful due to the swelling in lower abdomen or abdominal pain. Even though they have menstrual abnormalities, they are not willing to go the hospital for treatment for fear of massive costs.

Therefore, buying drugs becomes their preference. But they usually don't know which one is helpful without doctor's advice. Not all anti-inflammatory drugs can treat pelvic inflammatory disease. Taking medication blindly can not cure the disease, and will drag it into an intractable problem, which is more difficult to treat.

3. Changing the treatment easily

Many people who find themselves suffering from pelvic inflammation will actively seek medical treatment, but they can easily begin to stop the drugs after they find the disease becomes not very serious. In other cases, they may find the drug the choose doesn't work after taking for some time, so they change the treatment without thinking twice. And that's also what happens to them later on, so that they seek treatment again and again, but the pelvic inflammatory disease is still active as before.

You should know giving up halfway is one of the great taboos during treatment. Sticking to the first treatment for one to three months is usually necessary. Try to be patient and keep a positive mindset, then you will see the light of hope eventually.

At the end of the day, female friends should always treat pelvic inflammatory disease in time. Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be recommended to the patient, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and improve female menstrual period. At the same time, female friends should pay attention to the eating habits and doing more exercise. With all efforts, pelvic inflammatory disease can be defeated in the end.

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