Introduction: Every legal employer has its own operational strategy of staffing. When candidates are looking for an employer, it is essential that he is conscious of the various selecting techniques. As legal recruiter's particular recruiting style can often determine how effectively he can assist client in his job search. There are three main kinds of recruiting agencies such as cougar, market penetrator and the database lover. As opposed to the Cougar or the Market Penetrator, database lover are a little more literal with regards to their strategy in recruiting and placement. The recruiting styles of the cougar, industry penetrator and database lover are explained below.
The Cougar: The cougar is generally most concerned with creating the right demand and does not place candidates in lot of companies opening or deal with a lot of applicants at once. A cougar asked a law company to meet with the selecting staff. The cougar recruiter visits the law company and spends time meeting with the selecting associate, hiring manager and other legal professionals in the company. In the gathering, company gives the cougar their job positions. The employer also ensures a powerful connection of believe with the law company and both understand each other very well. Over time, the employer and law company identify a very powerful connection of believe between them. The cougar recruiter has a very good sense of applicant’s categories for the law company, which he is likely to interview and appointment. The Cougar may check out with the law company several times in a year for job positions.
When these recruiters are in the marketplace, they are alert upon law companies selecting requirements. They mainly neglect applicants who do not fit the law companies needs. Many legal professionals may not actually know the name of the recruiting company the cougar works for and the cougar may even perform alone out of their house. The cougar share many good things about the law companies and the candidate satisfies with the law company and is employed. The Cougar has created a placement.
Market Penetrator: Market Penetrators invest several hours each day learning law company sites, job forums and other resources for spaces. They also are very concerned in law companies and study every monthly and legal paper they can get their arms on. The market penetrators may even invest some time examining because they wants to know everything about the industry. They consider this will allow him to make placement. While market penetrators may meet with law companies on a continuous base, their perception is that the industry is huge and that their focus should be on the international image and on understanding what is going on in the marketplace as a whole, not actually just inside one law Company. The market penetrator will take an applicant and studies
1. Present tasks: The market penetrator will know the present jobs where the applicant is or is not a good fit and will choose these jobs from the list of recruiting data base. The recruiter will always make an effort to interest an applicant in the dynamic roles that are most appropriate for that candidate. The market penetrator will also likely do separate analysis to find dynamic job for the applicant.
2. Previous jobs in industry: The employer will then look at previous positions; based on the candidate's practice area or the potential of given industry, will also pick a certain amount of previous jobs for the candidate. If an applicant is in an unknown practice sector where there are generally very few dynamic jobs, the market penetrators will invest a lot of time learning previous job opening to see who might be likely to seek the services of hire that type of lawyer.
3. Prospective tasks: The recruiter will use job database and his information about market which is gained from reading various legal publications to develop a potential list of firms to "hit" with the candidate's materials in order to see if the firm has any interest. In some cases, the recruiter "hits" will be the recruiter and recruiting firm has not dealt with in the past. This technique of recruiting is something that not many recruiters do; however, it deserves to mention that it is a tool in the Market Penetrator's arsenal.
The database lover: The database lovers usually spend a lot of their time learning dynamic jobs in the recruiting company's database. The database lovers will analyze jobs that the recruiting firm gets every day and reach a decision about the sort of jobs they would prefer to applicant. Through advertising, a cold call, or a current relationship, the database lover discovers a particular applicant to perform with. The applicant is presented to dynamic jobs related the candidate's information in the database. A certain amount of these business employers interview the candidates and offers for job. The applicant allows one of the offers. The database lovers make placement for candidate. The database lover strategy of selecting and placing is based generally on the use of a database to make positions. Very few recruiters utilize this technique of selecting and placement and those that do are generally at large selecting companies with innovative directories.
Conclusion: In any good recruiting firm candidate will find recruiters who gravitate towards one method of recruiting or another. Candidate may be more comfortable working with one type of recruiter than another. If candidate recruiter cannot explain his particular style of recruiting to, he may be doing something wrong. No technique is incorrect. Variety of each of these methods provides the best technique. Candidate’s recruiter's particular approach will describe the outcomes of his job search.

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