During the ups and downs which are a part of everyday life, we may begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Some days we struggle more than others to find our balance. Perhaps wondering how we can cope with the demands and challenges we encounter throughout the day.
The following three relaxation techniques can be done in the midst of any busy day. These techniques can be done in as little as 30 to 60 seconds and will provide a powerful centering and grounding effect. As the mind learns through repetition, the more frequently you utilize these techniques, the stronger and more powerful the effect.
The first relaxation technique is called "Cook's Hookups" and is very beneficial. This is a Touch for Health Technique which is very calming. You can do this at work, during class, right before a big test or presentation or even while talking to your teenagers! This method creates a centering and grounding effect; slows down an overactive left brain; brings an overactive right brain into focus and is very calming.
First, cross one ankle over the other and cross one wrist over the other (with same side ankle and wrist on top); place tongue on roof of mouth, just behind teeth, and breathe deeply for 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds, uncross your legs; place your fingertips together and breathe deeply.
Another stress reducing exercise is referred to a " Emotional Stress Release." Emotional Stress Release not only reduces stress but helps your mind respond to outer events and inner thoughts differently, it also brings you back to being "at choice.'
This method is done by lightly holding your forehead and back of the neck; closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing for 30-60 seconds.
"Receptor Balance' is the third method to quickly reduce your stress. The benefits of this technique include opening your mind to receiving more information; opening you to receiving more 'good', improving your memory and attention, as well as stimulating 400 acupressure points.
Simply massage your earlobes all the way around starting at the top and then end by tugging on your earlobes.
As you utilize these techniques, you will create a sense of control in your life. Helping you feel centered, grounded and balanced in the midst of daily challenges. Leaving you with a sense of well being and peace throughout the day.
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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Mary Sidhwani is a therapist specializing in hypnotherapy and has been in private practice since 2000. Dr. Sidhwani is also an RN with certifications in clinical hypnosis and cancer support. Her commitment and honor is to help others through the trials of chronic illness and any emotional challenges with compassionate understanding. Dr. Sidhwani is also a professional speaker who has presented at NASA and other institutions. She also is a contributing author to the "Heart to Heart Series: The Path to Wellness" and authored the CD series; "Recognize the Truth Within."