These days each and every company is working hard to compete and strive in the marketplace. Companies invest to train their staff, hire internet marketing professionals and build user friendly websites. Seriously, human resources administrators, recruiting supervisors, and profession development practitioners all have to get management approval to add formal web blog to the company web.
Current blogging technological innovations give option to easily and effectively manage two blogs at a time; private web blog for company employees and public one for promotion career opportunities and job-related public relation actions. They can even create one specific web blog using “Word Press” that allows protection with password.
Here is a list of three factors that would encourage companies and human resource divisions within company to start formal web blog and consistently develop and upgrade their contents.

Ensuring visible Communications:
Having formal profession web blog helps company to promote human resource and employees rules which help them to save time of workers and professionals. Company staff can join these web blogs to instantly receive new updates such as holidays, news, update rules, company code of conduct etc. Company can adjust web blog visibility configurations to employees only so only members of staff can browse and view the content relevant to company guidelines, reports and announcements.

Communicating human resource rules and employees policies will help company to deliver them to remotely-located workers and present ones who have their holiday leaves. Also, running a blog with new rules will spread the transparency among whole company.

Post Job position and Training series:
The revenue (in view of return on investment) for running a blog is almost assured hundred percent. Once the company adds a web blog to its formal web page, opportunities can be released via the web blog whether to inner staff or to general community. As for an employees or department head of human resource function, company will be willing to declare job opportunities. In addition to posting opportunities via paid ads in magazines or online job community forums, department can publish the opportunities via the recruiting web blog. Same thing is applicable for promotion training programs and internships for higher education fresh graduate students. With the passage of time, company enhance his bog articles, it will gain more guests and more members. As via blogging signify a group that is truly connected to business and the company. With modified web blog and well-developed content, company group will have mix of workers, potential people looking for work, and college students.

Discuss Training Courses and Practical Experiences:
Internal recruiting web blog is ultimate tool to discuss staff knowledge among whole company offices and offshore offices. For example oil discovery experience that is carried by professional engineer in Egypt's dessert can be shared via the weblog, so field technical engineers in South African-American can learn from it whether it is tip to save time, mistake to be prevented or even fun activities. Days are gone when big books are sent to staff's workstations to read. Now, it is just short blog post article’s URL to be sent. If company uses other internet marketing and social networking tools, then benefits will be increased. For example, having YouTube video route can transmit manufacturer safety tips or machine maintenance tips.
Staff training is valuable financial commitment. Why not assisting individuals from blog web site office to discuss their training articles and experience with company global offices via blog article or even via web conventions.

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