In the world of the Internet and network communication, there are many terms. TCP is one of those. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. This thing was working on the internet. Maybe networking students love the trail because of its easy-to-understand feature. Besides that, there are some other features that this thing has. At the same time, this has some problems. The foundation error after establishing TCP connections is a common occurrence.

For this reason, you will have a port check tool on the Internet. Perhaps the tools can help you understand the problem. But there are still some limitations. The first limitation comprises the situation. I like to talk today about some problems that I have mainly faced in my life. 

A unique port number is used

All the time, unique ports have appreciations. A web server director can transform it. Most applications are organized by the host president using port numbers that follow recognized standards; however, the use of these port numbers for explicit applications is not immutable. The most widely used model is to relegate port 8080 for a web server. To get traffic to this web server, you would have to append the port number to the furthest boundary of the space name, such as Note that the use of port 8080 is not saved for helper web servers. Very good, it can be used for practically any application. So worry about this.

Port numbers are shared 

This is always a problem when the port number is shared. Many web-based applications and email services share port numbers. For example, Gmail, hooray! Mail, AOL Mail, and Office 365 use port numbers similar to POP, IMAP, and SMTP. If you are using port numbers to recognize applications, you will not have the option to separate between these email providers. It is also a similar story for web-based applications. A large number of them use port 80 for clear text traffic and 443 for encrypted traffic. If you are using port numbers to recognize applications, you will not have the option to separate basic applications like Agree and Workday or Box and Dropbox.

Comparable profit by different application 

This is the most common problem that occurs with new types of networks in this industry. The corporate firewall can be configured to deny ports 20 and 21 (to deny FTP traffic) so that you can restrict logs moving from within your organization to another area. However, many current cloud-based services have comparative utility through a port that your firewall allows. For example, with traffic on ports 80 and 443 allowed, insiders can use web-based applications that perform comparable capabilities. Dropbox, Box, and Hightail are some of the services that use ports 80 and 443 and allow clients to move documents like using FTP.

Besides that, there are a few other problems available. But those are the most common problem. Those problems are enough to spoil your sleep and peace of the night. Therefore, for people who work with TCP and networking, it is strongly recommended that you learn about these things unless there is a big problem.

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