Sometimes, we end up regretting our past decisions and breaking up with our sweetheart is probably one of those decisions. Perhaps the decision was yours or perhaps he was the one who dumped you. Either way, if you regret it now and secretly hoping that he would take you back, you should learn how to tell if your ex boyfriend still likes you . You can't be keep guessing, here is some obvious signals to notice:

He is keep contacting you on regular basis

He calls you or delivers emails, asking how you are doing today. It doesn't happen only once, he keeps seeking to get in touch with you regularly and genuinely interested in whatever happened in your life. It is like he is seeking to stay up-to-date with your present life.

Throughout every phone call, he attempts to start up a new topic once the conversation virtually over. It is a pretty clear sign and I'm sure you can recognize it instantly. Basically, it is one of those occasions where there is long silence and both of you don't have anything more to say, but he refuses to end the phone call.

Once in a while , he'll ask about who you are spending time with nowadays. When he is doing that, he's trying to figure out if you are seeing anybody new or not.

He keeps trying to convince you that he has changed

If you were the one that broke up with him and he wants you back, he must be seeking to fix whatever wrong with the past relationship. If he was getting angry quickly before, he might tell you that he has taken meditation class to ease his mind and manage his emotion. If he was an egotistical guy before, he might tell you that he uses almost all of his spare time helping his family and friends now.

All of those efforts are actually his method to demonstrate that he is much better for you now. All of his actions and attitudes that used to cause problems among you both are gone now. "You will be happy with the brand new me" is the message he wants to express. On the other hand , you should also do the same if you want him back.

He's trying to appear perfect in front of you

This could be easily recognized if your ex was an ignorant man who didn't care much about how he's dressing. You know, a standard t-shirt-old jeans-sneaker guy. If when you two meet, he appears in the most up-to-date outfit in men's magazine, then he is trying to impress you with his new look.

So here's how to tell if your ex boyfriend still likes you: be on the lookout for those signals above as they are the most apparent signs if he truly wants you back. They're not going to 100% precise and you may misunderstand some signs, but at least you realize that he still care for you.

After a while, you might see all those signals in him and that is great, but don't ever think to just stay put and wait for him to come to you. If you truly want the old romance back, you need to do something too. What I'm talking here is the problem that caused the breakup in the past. Find the root problem and resolve it together so you can start a fresh relationship that can hold longer than before.

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