Everyone, no matter how successful, has some area in their life that hasn’t quite reached up to their ideal. It can be frustrating, especially when every other area of your life seems to be going so well. The first instinct for most people is to blame their situation. Whether it’s the boss at work, or the long commute home, most people find a reason why their world isn’t living up to its potential in some outside source.

Still others look inward to find a reason for their unhappiness. They feel that they aren’t doing something right. Perhaps if they were a few minutes early to work, their boss wouldn’t be so demanding. Maybe if they took a different route home the drive wouldn’t be so stressful.The amount of reasons, and second guessing the goes on regularly within the human mind is enough to make a person’s head spin. In actuality, though, most of what is preventing you from reaching out and conquering your obstacles, of reaching your goals can be summarized in three simple ideas. Keep reading and see if you can recognize any of them the next time that brass ring seems a little further out of reach.

Reason # 1: You are Not Clear About What You Want

In most cases, people are malcontented not because of some specific, known reason, but rather because this is something about their circumstances that just doesn’t sit right. They often can’t quite put their finger on it, but something is sitting in the back of their mind, something, or a situation that doesn’t quite click together nicely. It’s like having a jigsaw puzzle with three pieces missing. You’re not entirely sure what those pieces represent, but you can imagine. And you know, that no matter how much you imagine those pieces to be, the reality of them would be so much more rewarding.

Reason # 2: The Master Plan is a Bit Too Much

One of the great things about dreaming is that there really is no limit to what you can dream. However, realizing those dreams often means scaling back those grandiose ideas into manageable pieces or scheduling the master plan over a period of time. Many people however chose to keep their master plan big, bold, and yes, completely unyielding. If your list of things to do is so long that you forget # 1 before you reach the bottom of the list, this reason might resonate with you.

Reason # 3: You Don’t Resonate With Your Dreams

Ever hear the old saying “misery loves company”? Chances are you have, and you probably have experienced it as well. This saying is an example of something resonating with the things surrounding it. Everyone and everything has a type of energy, a force flowing through it, around it, and from one point to another. Call it what you wish, but the simple fact is that your energy will attract, and be attracted to energies with a similar feel. Think of sitting in front of a fire after coming in from a winter storm. The heat from the fire will warm your skin, and eventually you will relax feeling safe and warm. Your friends coming in from the cold will see your warm, happy and relax nature and begin to transform their feelings to match your own, and soon they will enjoy the fire as much as you.

By understanding what your dreams truly are, you can find ways to transform your energies to resonate with your desires. It will take time, and most likely a bit of effort, but soon you can shift your thoughts from disappointment and self doubt to discovery and assurance.

Once you understand which one of these three reasons are the culprit behind you not achieving your goals, you can design specific ways to overcome or transform them into aids and tools to reach your dream. So take a close look in the mirror and the world around you. What is keeping that goal just out of your reach?

Author's Bio: 

Joanne Roibu, the founder of LifeMasteryGuide.com, is a successful entrepreneur drawing on over 20 years of global corporate experience and excellence in building and growing businesses, developing effective teams and one-on-one executive mentoring and coaching. Joanne’s work spans across the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.