Your degree of personal energy is completely up to you because YOU are in control of your choices! That’s hard to remember sometimes especially with the current level of stress most entrepreneurs experience. However, when you take the time to monitor and consciously improve your personal energy you will see gains in your performance.

These are just a few of the beneficial effects of boosting your personal energy; you will:
• feel a stronger sense of motivation to take the action steps needed to achieve business and personal goals
• establish closer relationships, and
• develop a stronger sense of living on purpose and in alignment with your values.

Personal energy is made up of three components: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual energy. We need our energy to be high in all of these dimensions in order to function at our best. What follows are three steps you can take to jump-start your personal energy and improve your health, happiness and business bottom line.

Step #1
Download the Personal Energy Barometer, print a copy and rate yourself for each spoke. Go to my website, Sales Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs
to download the Personal Energy Barometer. Use the Emotion Perception Scale in the lower left to determine your energy level for each spoke. Decide which emotion you feel when considering your energy for that particular spoke and circle the number that best represents how you feel right now. Remember this is a report of your personal energy at this point in time, so you’ll want to revisit this exercise frequently.

Step #2
Review your results. The goal is to be close to the bulb (far from the center). Analyze your results to discover which spokes represent your areas of lowest personal energy. Choose two spokes where you’d like to improve your energy.

Step #3
Make a plan for improvement and hold yourself accountable. For those two spokes, choose one thing that you could do each day that would boost your energy in that area. For example, if you have low personal energy in the spoke called Exercise, then you might decide to do stretching exercises every morning for 10 minutes when you first get up. Download the Daily Accountability Tracking Sheet found on the same page as the Personal Energy Barometer to help you stay on track.

Once you have improved your personal energy in those two areas and the energy boosting activity has become a part of your daily routine, select another spoke to work on. Continue doing this until you have attained the level of personal energy you desire for each spoke.

When you maintain a high level of personal energy throughout all dimensions, physical (blue spokes), mental/emotional (green spokes) and spiritual (the fushia spokes), you will have the physical stamina to accomplish all the things you’d like to do, be able to adapt to the ebb and flow of life without it affecting your mental and emotional capabilities and feel the excitement that comes from living a life that matters. This will bring more joy and abundance to your life, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Altvater partners with solo entrepreneurs to implement a sales and marketing process and plan that brings them joy and increases their bottom line. She is the author of Choose Success - Ignite the Power Within and President of Transformations Institute. Teaching women to embrace personal growth and success in a FUN, joyful manner is her mission which she accomplishes with group presentations, accountability circles, and coaching as well as through her books and blogs, numerous products, and monthly videos. Visit her website – Sales Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs.