Everyone has ways that the next person doesn't like. We all have an angel and devil on our shoulder at times, but we have to figure out how to ignore the devil. Sometimes we go with the devil instead of the angel because we are not in a good mood, we don't think, and vice versa. I will begin to tell you three things to help you become a better person. These three things are a great start at living a better life. Religion, Supporting others, and letting go of anger are the biggest things to help you become a better person.

The first thing that can help you become a better person is religion. Reading the bible as they say can wake you up spiritually. God is the light, truth, and the way. We are living in a sinful/doubtful world and sometimes we don't realize the things we do are sinful and not of god. Religions are everywhere whether its being catholic, Christian, Buddhism. Being religious doesn't mean that you are any better than anyone but its a start at living a healthier life. Religion won't make you a better person just by reading the bible, you have to practice what you preach.


The second thing that can help you become a better person is to support others. A lot of time people forgot to be supportive of one another. It's easy to do and you will thank yourself later in the long run. Supporting others will heal and sooth you very much. You will notice a change in your life because good energy will come back to you. Good karma will soon arise and you will feel better about yourself. People don't notice that we are put on this earth to love and help one another.

The third and the thing that can help you become a better person is to help let go of anger. We all have anger raged inside of us, whether its from something that happened to us as a child or something that happened to us in our adult years. The first step is remembering you have a problem and work on ways on how to stop it. Recognizing anger is not hard as you think, if you pay attention to what gets you angry then you can work on channeling it and do better in life. Notice what angers you and what you need to do to stop it immediately.

In conclusion, becoming a better person won't happen overnight but if you are desperate to change then it is possible. Keep cheering yourself on and reminding yourself that you are good enough to change and you will be a better person in know time. Try new things that will help you positive and mentally. If you don't try you will never know, so don't be afraid to keep trying after you failed. I know that from experience that trying and succeeding can lead you to great places that you never knew existed.

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Jeremy loves writing about all things self-improvement and avidly strives to learn more about all thing finances, education, and tech.