As you prepare to launch your eCommerce store you may be busy talking to your web designing agency. A professional agency would surely guide you in choosing the right design for your store that sets you apart. In case you are still to hire an agency and working on the design idea internally there are several aspects of your store’s design that you will need to plan about. Keeping technology and tools aside for a while there are three basic things that you should target when you are planning your eCommerce website design

1. Eyes – The greatest test for any eCommerce website design is to please the eyes of the end user. It is the basic ingredient that will determine your success. The moment the users sees the store on his/her web or mobile browser they should feel the urge to browse through your products. A bad design can kill your eCommerce business no matter how good your inventory is or the discounts and deals you offer.

2. Hands– If users see through their eyes they react with their hands. From a search box to navigation of different product categories and product pages, you need to make sure the user enjoys a seamless experience on your store. They should know where to click, tap and search to find the products they are looking for. Make sure you don’t turn your store into a complicated maze!

3. Mind –Last but not the least you will need to offer a fulfilling experience to the user who comes to your site. Whether it locating your card or adding/removing products from them or reaching out to your customer service team they should be able to locate all that they want and need to see on your store. This is what will help you in achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

These are the three things you should stress when you are talking to a web development agency. E-commerce is a highly competitive ecosystem and when you are able to achieve a design that pleases the users’ eyes, hands and mind you have created a recipe for success.

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In this write-up, we discuss three important things that you need to focus on when it comes to your eCommerce website design.