If you are going for an arm lift surgery, the plastic surgeon is most likely to ask you three questions before he gets down to the business of actually performing the surgery. Arm lift surgery is also known in medical circles as brachioplasty. For purposes of this discussion and to make it easier for everyone, that term is what we will be using. These three questions are going to be asked by the plastic surgeon for various reasons. First, the surgeons may want to make sure how realistic your expectations are, so they'd be asking these questions. Secondly, the surgeon is likely to ask these three types of question with the aim of figuring out whether it is safe to carry out the surgery on you. Finally, the surgeon is likely to ask the three types of questions we are just about to look at, with the objective of making a final decision on whether you are really a good candidate for a brachioplasty.

Now, the first type of questions that your plastic surgeon is likely to ask before carrying out arm lift surgery on you is that of questions touching on your 'general expectations'. After all, the plastic surgeons want to make sure that you are going for this procedure with realistic expectations from the start. If the expectations prove to be unrealistic, it is time for the surgeon to weigh several options. One option would be to suggest the patient go in for some counseling to improve his outlook about the whole thing. Once that happens, surgery could be reconsidered. Or he could flat out refuse to perform the surgery on the patient. If it seems as though the patient expects too much and he is going to be quite difficult to please at the end, the surgeon could decide to refuse performing the procedure on the patient.

The second question that plastic surgeons who perform brachioplasty would want answered prior to performing the procedure would pertain to the patient's general health. The surgeon will be asking these questions in order to find out whether it is really safe to subject you to a brachioplasty or not. It is possible that the patient has a condition that would only worsen when he is subjected to brachioplasty. To avoid this, the surgeon could refuse performing brachioplasty on him.

The third type of questions that the plastic surgeon is likely to ask, before carrying out arm lift surgery, is that of questions touching on other surgeries you have had in the past. Any decisions on the part of the plastic surgeon on whether brachioplasty would be performed on you would be affected by this information. The surgeon would also be able to decide how to best perform brachioplasty on you if he has deemed it safe for you to undergo the surgery. While the brachioplasty is being performed, the surgeon would know whether to use certain types of anesthetics or avoid them entirely if you happen to be allergic to them.

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