Flowers are more expressive than words! You may not be able to come up with the right words to say at the time of extending a love proposal to someone, but if you present them a red rose, they will probably understand everything you intend to say to them.
But to make your flowers express the right feelings, choosing the right flowers is extremely important. Otherwise, there would be a huge difference between what you intended to say and what your flowers ended up expressing. So, to be sure, you have chosen the right flowers, you can follow these three popular ‘W’s linked to gifting flowers.

The first ‘W’-

The first ‘W’ corresponds to the question, “Why gift flowers?” Get an answer to this question before even thinking of gifting flowers to someone. Maybe you wish to gift flowers because they are to your liking, or because they are to the liking of the recipient, or simply because they say a lot - whatever the reason is, figuring it out is important.
If you are thinking of gifting flowers to someone because you feel they come cheaper than a good watch or a nice ring, then you are undermining the value of flowers. Also, if you want to gift flowers because you love them, you might have ignored the recipient’s own likes and dislikes. Since going wrong with flowers as a gift is so easy, you should be extremely careful while considering gifting flowers. For best flower deals, you can talk to any online florist.

The second ‘W’-

The second ‘W’ is here, in the question- “When is the right time to gift flowers?” Usually, there are no right times as such to gift flowers. Any day you feel like making your loved one feel more special can be a day to gift flowers to them. However, there are some do's and don’ts you need to follow. For instance, you don’t present flowers to someone when they have lost someone close to their heart. You also do not gift flowers when someone has invited you over for a ‘puja.’ So, the question that arises here is- how to know, when to gift flowers? By using your own judgment! If you still fail to come up with an answer to the question posed above, the list of occasions dished out below should be of help. The list includes some of the most common occasions when flowers may be gifted.

  • Birthdays.
  • Weddings.
  • Housewarming.
  • Dedicated days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teachers’ day and the like.
  • Wedding anniversaries.
  • To convey a ‘get well soon’ message.
  • To convey love
  • To celebrate friendship
  • To say, “I am sorry!”

The Third ‘W’-

The third and last ‘W’ poses the question, “What customs need to be followed while gifting flowers?” Wondering if there are any such customs at all? Well yes, there are, and when you don’t follow them you face awkward or embarrassing situations. So, the first custom or rule is that you should never pick the wrong flower. If you want to gift flowers as an expression of your love, then choosing red roses would be the best bet. If, however, you intend to gift them to a friend on friendship day, the roses you gift can’t be red, they must be yellow. Again, if you intend to express loyal love for someone, you can gift them daisies. Likewise, different flowers mean different things. The color of the flowers is also important, as different colors signify different emotions. So, choose wisely!

These are the three ‘W’s you should keep in mind while selecting flowers for someone. If you wish to find out if they work, do apply them the next time you order flowers from a shop dealing in flower delivery.

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