If you are at all called to write a book, you may be surprised to learn that whether you have writing experience or not, think you have talent or not, know how to write in a particular form or genre or not, consider your idea is of interest to anyone or not, feel blocked or not does not matter.

Whether or not you feel terrified at the prospect of writing a book about your deepest thoughts, vulnerabilities or your greatest strengths does not matter.

I truly believe you would not be called to write a book if you did not have the capability - somewhere, somehow - to express what you are called to write. That is what I have learned firsthand from writing a transformational memoir and guiding writing groups over the years.

So many of you aspire to write books about the life transformations, turning points or major challenges you have experienced do not. But you do not write or speak out because of fear. So many of you who wish to express a personal vision or powerful transformational experience in creative nonfiction or fiction are afraid of not being "good enough," deal with issues of not having enough time or haven't felt ready to take the risk.

My deep hope is that all of you who are called to write a book can claim your voices, know and trust the power your own words and stories - expressed in your own unique ways - have to transform yourselves and others.

Want to take a step toward answering your call to write a memoir, novel or nonfiction book now? Take these three simple, but powerful steps:

1. Without analyzing or judging the value of your writing or your ability to create, answer this question:

What is one piece of writing you want to, need to write? Write down what that piece of writing is, what you know of it - in one word, phrase, sentence or paragraph(s) about it. Don't worry about the form you use or how well the idea is expressed.

Maybe you have a transformational personal story you'd like to turn into an article, a poem, a book. Maybe you want to journal or blog about a special topic. Maybe the piece is for you alone or something you'd like to share with your family or friends some day. You might even have a secret dream of having it published. Don't worry about any of the "what it's for" or "how good it has to be" for the moment. Right now, write down what the piece is you'd like to, need to write - for yourself alone.

2. Take the phrase or sentence or paragraph you have written about your call to write and put it in a special place. Create a "real" and/or computer file and folder for it. Put it in its own notebook as a reminder.
3. As more ideas come to you or you jot down notes or phrases about the piece, add them to the file/folder.
You have just taken a step toward answering your call to write a book, to sharing the unique gift and story only you can share.

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Write a Book -- Transform Your Life now. Sign up for your free writing ecourse with Alissa Lukara to discover 7 key steps to write a book. Plus visit www.transformationalwriters.com for lots more writing resources. Alissa Lukara, author of the memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul, works with writers and authors who want to make a positive difference. She is an editor, writing coach, book whisperer, and online and in person writing workshop leader and presenter.