Winter skin into the "dry season", in order to keep the water in the winter Dangdang's delicate skin, the skin moisturizing is very important, oh. MM focus more and more maintenance of the moisturizer, and moisturizing products, moisturizing mask is the fastest effective, but often you use the Mask, the method is correct? The right to use the face to mask the effect will be more effective.

1. Do not wait for the face after cleansing the face before the water is evaporated before putting the mask, the skin under the wet deposition mask is the best.

Reason: wet skin absorb more moisture and nutrients, so in the face after thoroughly cleansing the time while it is still wet before putting the mask should be, if it is dry skin mask MM can also apply toner before the beat, to keep it in the wet state, so that mask in the water and the best ingredients is more easily absorbed by the skin.

2. Winter can be appropriate to use water vapor or steam heating mask face mask will help absorb moisture and essence.

Reason: when the winter low temperatures, the pores in the contraction, the body metabolism slows down, if the deposited mask before the mask with hot water heating or steam surface with water vapor, so that when the deposition mask facial pores can not only can promote blood circulation, which will help absorb moisture and essence of the mask.

3. Weeks the number of deposition mask and the face mask every time it takes to stay in control, moisturizing effect was obvious.

Reason: The Mask of treatment cycles are generally used, if the daily use, skin will "too much", but no significant effect. In addition, the winter climate is dry, water is easy to kill, usually 15-20 minutes is appropriate mask deposited on the mask to stay too long in the face of water will evaporate, not only does not the effect of moisture, but will face water evaporation.

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