Show Your Subscribers Real Results or Data

If you run a business that can offer case studies or data, you will get the best results by sharing these things with your list members.

For example, if you are an expert at selling books via, you can show real-life case studies of what you have done.

Or if you are an expert at selling low-priced reports, you can show people how you write your copy, price your items, and get the most out of each sale.

This works across many different types of businesses. The point is that people like to see real-time results, and they are often impressed by and respond to them.

This works very well if you are eventually going to promote a product that you have used. So, as an expert in any arena, there are likely plenty of resources you can recommend.

Show Your Readers That You Care

Nothing comes through stronger than true concern for your readers. No matter what your industry, how long you have been doing what you do, or how much you generate in revenue, you never want to get so far removed from your readers that it appears as if you don’t care.

This is especially true in some niches where people are going through a difficult period in their lives. It doesn’t matter which niche you're in, however, people are more likely to be responsive if they know that you care about their needs, wants, and desires.

By simply empathizing with them and showing that you know exactly what they are going through, you will appear as more trustworthy. It should be easy for you to do as you are an expert in the topic, and you know a lot about the people in your niche. If you’re not quite sure about what they’re going through, you can always visit niche forums and read posts written by people in the niche.

For instance, if your niche is midlife fitness, then spend time researching forums, groups, social networks and boards and search for information that will give you a better insight as to what questions, comments, and concerns your potential readers may have.

Ask For Their Feedback

This is directly related to the lesson on surveys. You want to stay on top of what your readers need and want.

However, you also need to know where to draw the line between those who are offering valuable input and those who are making nearly impossible requests.

Just because you have an autoresponder sequence set up does not mean it has to be a one-sided conversation. You can get a lot of valuable information simply by surveying your list members every so often and asking for input.

In some cases you can give them some sort of incentive for filling out a survey for you (free report, audio, video, discount coupon, or free service), and you’ll gain access to what they really need and want from your list.

Surveys help build your relationship with your readers because they feel like they are valued and that you really care about them and their needs.

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