This happens to every business owner at some point. Prospects tell you they can’t afford the service, or they’ll wait for the next program, or they can’t spend the money right now.

Learning how to handle these money-related objections can help you get more clients and serve people who are experiencing resistance. But going deeper, you might want to look at where your own resistance is showing up too.

I recommend three ways to deal with money objections from clients and yourself.

1. Use Client Objections in Your Marketing Materials.
Keep track of all the objections clients use so you can address them in your marketing materials. You can write about them in your Frequently Asked Questions page or in your preview calls as you near the end of a program.
For example, if a client says, “Maybe I should just wait until the next time” I say back to them, “Why on earth would you wait until next time to make money when you can make money now?”

2. Objections Can Reflect a Lack of Confidence.
Sometimes client objections are linked to your own lagging confidence. I’ve got a great solution for that – read your testimonials! I know it sounds crazy and maybe a little narcissistic, but it totally works. Taking time to you read your testimonials, watch any videos or review your file with client notes, you will fill up again so you regain your confidence.

3. Examine Your Own Spending Resistance.
Most importantly, look at where in your life you are resisting investing. I have found there is something called the Law of Circulation which comes into play around money objections. Imagine a garden hose – as it fills with water, it must empty out right? There cannot be giving without receiving at the Universal level.

So, if you want to receive, you often must first give. Energetically, look at how you are vibrating. Are you saying to yourself, “No, I don’t want to do that because it’s too expensive or I don’t have the money”? If you open up that channel of energy, you’ll also open up to receive. Make sense?

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

If you are getting a lot of prospects who voice a concern about paying you, it’s time to take a good look at yourself. Make time to think about how this shows up in your life or business. As you raise your awareness about your own resistance, that is the first opportunity to address it and free up your own money energy.

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