It is a fact that reading can bring in a lot of benefits to our lives both personally and career wise. Aside from learning new things when reading, it can also help improve our communication skills. When reading, we are more exposed to correct use of words and correct structures of sentences that's why our communication skills are enhanced. It is a reality that many people have been benefiting from reading in this way whether they are aware of it or not. Children especially can benefit from this a great deal. For them to be enticed to start reading, one way is to have the entire family join a book club like Doubleday Large Print Book Club. Reading can give children 3 kinds of benefits.

The first is that with reading as a habit, studies have shown that kids excel in their studies and eventually they can be able to land a great career and be successful in life. This is only applicable to those who love reading and those who have reading as a hobby. This only applies to those who have developed an affection for reading which means that they can pick their book from a shelf and start reading it without adult supervision. We are talking about those whou would love to join book clubs or perhaps collect books by themselves. By developing this kind of habit, they can not only master the written word, they can also improve their intellectual abilities. Of course, there are other ways a child can develop his intelligence but reading is definitely one of the most favorite accepted ways.

Second, a child who reads is a child who learns a lot. We are not only talking about books that dealt subject matter the children also discuss in school such as chemistry, biology and the like. This may suprise you but reading fictional books has its own advantages as well. These books open the child's mind to many possibilities about life and other things. Although it would take an actual experience of things to be able to really learn from them, it cannot be denied that knowing about certain life situations ahead in fiction can make us think twice about possibly making such events happen in reality. When children read, they are exposed to different scenarios about life and somehow, when they have to go through such scenarios for real in their own lives, they will not completely new to the situation because somehow, he has gained insights from a good book that he has read.

Improving the child's writing ability is the third benefit in reading. While it is easy to say that a speaker is a good one just by listening to his pronunciation and delivery, not all good speakers are good writers. Sometimes, good speakers talk but wouldn't know how to construct good written sentences. But a person who is good in writing, is most probably, good in speaking as well. A child's writing skills can be improved by exposing him to correct and formal usage of language through reading published books. Doing this can promote subconscious mastery of the language which is the best method to learn something.

Another benefit from reading is the improvement of ones writing ability. While it is easy to say that a speaker is a good one just by listening to his pronunciation and delivery, not all good speakers are good writers. Many speakers are good when they talk but they can't even construct a good sentence when it comes to writing. Those who are good in writing, however, are most of the time good in speaking. If you want to improve your child's writing ability, get him to read books. By reading, he will be exposed to correct language utilization and correct strucutre of sentences through the published books he reads. By doing this, the child can master this without knowing it.

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If you're not sure how to start getting your child into reading, begin online and find such book clubs as the Literary Guild Book Club, the Mystery Guild Book Club and so many others. There are membership fees and perhaps, some cash to shell out every now and then, but the long-term rewards are incomparable both for your child and for you as fulfilled parents.