There is no one solid reason for you having low self-esteem. It is likely to be a combination of factors that build on each other until a vicious cycle is created, making you feel more and more out of control. You just feel like problems continue to mount instead of being resolved.

The first reason can come down to appearance. You maybe concerned at some level about how other people see you physically. You image bothers you greatly as if there is some major irregularity in the way you look. This can be difficult to overcome if you are not willing to make the effort to change yet will not accept yourself as you are right now.

From the moment you are born you have people around you, shaping your world, telling you what is right and wrong and ultimately forming your initial level of self-esteem. As you went through school your friends and peers will continue to influence how you feel.

If you are made to feel stupid with over zealous criticism, leaving you feeling like an outcast or if someone else made all your decisions for you, then this could well be a contributing factor to your low self-esteem today.

The feeling of belong to a group gives you an identity, be it your family, friends or even your job. If you fail to set a foundation of who you want to be, and continue to focus on what you don’t want then you will never start to feel better about yourself.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to fulfil your potential. I urge you to make sure you are in control of setting your expectations. Do not try to follow someone else’s unrealistic expectations of what is expected of you.

Low self-esteem can develop by failing to live up to expectations. Be in control of it!

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