If you’re like me and I know many of you are out there, when it comes to customer service there are certain traits that stand out and can make or break a business. The three simple traits that I have noticed in businesses that deliver first-class service are the following:

1.They Listened to the Customer:

How many times have you gone to a store or restaurant and asked for something specific, maybe it was just the temperature that you wanted your entrée to be served at and you felt that nobody was listening to you. What was your attitude like? Were you happy and willing to go back, probably not! On the other hand, what if that waiter or persons serving you in that establishment anticipated what your needs were because they were simply listening. You probably would have had a much better experience I can assure you!

2.They Respond Rapidly to Any Request:

The second key to customer excellence is the ability to respond rapidly to any request that the customer has. Remember the old adage, the customer is always right. I truly don’t believe this, because I have found many instances where the customer was not right. So we live by our adage, “the customer is not always right, however, they are the customer”. If we are in the service industry then it is truly our job to serve. That’s if we want to be successful and grow.

3.They Had Excellent Follow-Up Skills:

The final trait that I’ve identified when it comes to excellent customer service is the ability for the person who’s performing the customer service to follow up and make sure that the customer is happy and has received what they asked for. Once you’ve done this and everything has been satisfactory for the customer. You will now have the ability to ask for additional business.

I have a philosophy that” people do business with people who they who are like them”. Most people will travel a longer distance and spend a couple dollars more with a friend rather than go to the local discount place. So make your customers your friends and treat them as if they were coming to your house as an honored guest. For when you do you will experience growth in your business and life as you never have before! Dr. Rick Goodman speaks from real -Life experiences and achieves great results!

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