Many my women friends ask me why guys breakup with their female partners. I made a decision that this was really quite a fascinating issue. You’ll see other women complain quite often about all the reasons why they suddenly find themselves alone. But I made the decision to dig just a little further and get the answer directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I went and asked Brian, one of my rather close guy friends, who I can trust to be extremely straightforward with me.

Here are his main three motives why men breakup with girls. I believe you’ll find these very interesting.

You Are Too Needy — Brian told me that a lot of the girls he has dated are simply too clingy. They can’t endure being apart from their partner for even a split second. They need to go grocery shopping with him, go to the bank with him, and go to the laundromat with him. It appears as though they never give him a moment of free time. Brian tells me that one of the primary reasons why guys dump women is because we don’t give our men the right amount of space.

You need to realize that when a man tells you he needs "space," he means something totally different than when a girl says she wants space. Guys are very career- and goal-oriented and occasionally require time by themselves or with their male friends to get stuff done. If you think back to prehistoric times, this is similar to him heading out to hunt for food. Men just possess a normal need to sometimes be by themselves or with a few other guys, so don’t be needy and give him the breathing space he desires every now and then. It seriously isn’t anything to concern yourself with, and you’ll discover that he returns to you later feeling energized and excited to be with you.

The Man Isn't As Committed As You — Us girls habitually find ourselves thinking about walking down the wedding aisle and coming up with the names of our 2.5 kids significantly sooner than guys. Another one of Brian’s explanations why guys breakup with girls is that they hurry into introducing these topics with their boyfriends too early. When you do this, you might scare him away. Is he just immature and frightened of commitment? Its possible. But more often than not he simply doesn’t think that your relationship has a good enough foundation to warrant moving to “that level” just yet. When do you mention it then? This really varies according to the relationship and what the two of you have been through with each other.

You Don’t Have Personal Aspirations — If all the things in your life revolves around your boyfriend, then you'll usually see him rapidly losing fascination with you. Brian told me about a rather creepy experience he had with one of his ex-girlfriends. She explained to him about a dream she had and said, “I dreamed that both of us were joined together into one person and I never had to do anything whatsoever or think for myself again. It was terrific.” No big surprise they’re not together any more.

That is a severe case in point, but seriously women, guys still want us to be independent and unique. You are just going to bore your man into dumping you if all you do is go shopping at the mall and watch television. Guys like women that have their goals and aspirations. Work for that promotion at work. Finish that book you have always wanted to write. Take out those paint brushes and paint your new work of art. Don’t just sit there and let your mind atrophy.

So I hope you have a stronger appreciation now about why guys dump girls. I'd guess that you can now notice a handful of errors you have made in the past. The point is to learn your lesson and move forward so that you don’t repeat the past in your future relationships. By changing even something little, you will see that your ex-boyfriend might suddenly be attracted to you again as well.

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Sarah Scott was dumped by her boyfriend while studying abroad in Italy. When she returned home to the United States, she studied the secrets on how to get your ex back. Now she enjoys helping others save their relationships.

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