You get what you focus on in life. If you have low self-esteem it is more than likely every thought you have is just making you feel worse about yourself. You need to snap out of your current mind set and do something different.

I’m sure you are very good at telling people what is wrong with your life. I am going to share with you three ways to start telling people some good things about you.

Firstly, I want you to practice solving problems and making decisions

People with high self-esteem enjoy solving problems, they love the challenge. Think of a problem you are shying away form and come up with three ways to sort the situation out. Keep practicing coming up with solutions then when you click on something that you feel works make the decision and commit to doing it, even better take action straight away. This one tip alone can massively improve your feeling of self-worth.

Secondly, I want you to watch your language.

I don’t mean about using swear words. I mean in terms of saying everything in a positive way. Ban yourself from talking negatively. Avoid using the word problem for example, use the word challenge instead. If someone asks you how you are feeling say “I’m feeling good” instead of “I am not bad”. This way you will be give out a good vibe to other people who in turn send good vibes back to you.

Finally, accept who you are right now,

Do not compare yourself to other people anymore. You are unique already and should appreciate that. I’m sure you can list all the things you want to change which is fine. But just accept yourself as you are now and give yourself a solid starting point to work from.

You are not the same as anyone else, so doing what someone else is doing might not work for you. So don’t try doing it! Do what you want to do for yourself. Be selfish in this as if it makes you happy you will be worth more to other people.

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