Neurofeedback therapy assists in reducing the busy brain and enhancing focus and attention. It is a scientific, evidence-based, and drug-free treatment approved by the FDA for treating ADHD/ADD. At Thriving Mind Psychology, we have experienced and knowledgeable specialists who provide neurofeedback training in New York.

What is neurofeedback training?

Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive brain-based intervention that trains the brain to work in healthier and more effective ways. Unlike medication therapies, nothing is put into your brain or body. This training method does not push the patient into alternate mental functions or states. The training is very moderate, and nothing is forced. With the assistance of our trained clinicians, neurofeedback training therapy enables a patient to engage the innate capability of the brain to self-regulate and adjust itself. With time, dysregulation is modified, leading to superior cognitive performance, enhanced emotional stability, and improved quality of sleep.

What are the benefits of neurofeedback training?

The principle of neurofeedback training is self-regulation which trains the brain to adjust itself. Training is a process of reversing the restraining mental habits that are no longer beneficial. There are no side effects in this type of therapy since nothing is put into the brain or body. Most patients testify that they experience increased focus, happiness, relief, and freedom from medication.

What conditions can neurofeedback training address?

Neurofeedback training provides relief for a wide range of conditions, including addiction, OCD, depression, sleep disorders, migraines, autism, ADHD trauma, and anxiety. In addition to these, our Thriving Mind Psychology specialties also relieve other issues like dementia, bipolar disorders, reactive attachment disorder, and traumatic brain injury. Apart from symptom-based conditions, neurofeedback training has long been utilized as a way of enhancing peak brain performance.

What is a typical neurofeedback training session?

During your neurofeedback training session, you will sit on a couch or a chair. Our Thriving Mind Psychology therapist will place sensors on your head to detect brainwave signals. These signals are transmitted to a computer that has special software for amplifying the data. The computer enables you to listen to music as a mode of auditory feedback while you watch visuals for visual feedback. The audio and graphics will remain uninterrupted if you can control the waves associated with arousal and attention. Large deviations, on the other hand, will result in a momentary pause in the visual. Your brain responds to the feedback and changes towards more flexible and adaptive functioning, especially if there is any removal or change of feedback. After several repeated sessions, usually between 20 and 40, your brain patterns will change, and you will experience enhanced energy, focus, and attention, strengthening your ability to respond effectively under pressure and stress.

Neurofeedback training services in New York

As the field of contemporary neuroscience continues to progress, we discover more and more about the learning capacities and natural flexibility of the brain. Once considered to be a fixed organ, the brain is essentially able to constantly learn, adapt, and change in new ways that were never thought possible. With the help of innovative neuro-technologies, including neurofeedback training, we are able to assist patients in training their minds to work in ways that serve them better. By focusing on the needs of individual patients, we are able to enhance areas of dysregulation, cease habitual emotional and thought patterns, and offer a sense of equilibrium to an individual's life.

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