While driving your tire may run over a nail. This can lead to the air escaping from the tire, eventually leading to a flat. But, if you bring the tire to a mechanic they can easily insert a plug and the air stays sealed in allowing you to drive.

Platelets are the body’s version of that tire plug but if we do not have enough of them – or we have a low platelet count normal blood clotting cannot occur our body can’t get “plugged.” The medical terms for this is thrombocytopenia.

what are platelets
Platelets or thrombocytes are blood cells which help with blood clotting. An average healthy person will have between150,000 to 400,000 platelets. When healthy these blood cells clump together to fix holes in the blood vessels, but if the platelet counts are low, they body has a harder time making these repairs. This can lead to bruising or bleeding which can be quite serious.

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