I like the inpirational quoute by Helen Steiner Rice which say, This too shall pass. I am the living proof of that true all the challenges that the life may bring apon you, but you and I possess the strength to succeed.

From an underpriviledged area, and without resources enough to go on, and without parents, but I managed to be where I am today. I am not distracted when I look back, but I smile in my face always comes back and I Jump in great delight and without any regret and without using any shortcuts, but with faith from God, and by being net positive I broke through all.

I just want to tell you my friend that through hard work and by God today Im in Tertiary persuing the studies that I was dreaming of and I am a proudly third year student in ND:ACCOUNTING.

With the help of the neighborhood, Teachers, mentors I am where I am today. You can think because you don't have parents, money, family name you won't be something, but let me tell you my friend that won't be a hindrance toward you achieving you Goals.

Nothing I did was illegal, but I just Say Lord you promised me that you will carry my load, provided that I be rightious before you and He kept his promises.

You my friend can go through all. Just live one days at a time, keep the past behing you, try with all means not to live in the past, never worry about tomorrow because its not yet born. till its born, you have nothing you can do about it.

To be more specific about what I went through, I once was affected from Political wars that took my father. I was the victim of alcohol, that took my mother. Than after the blink of an eyes I woke up parentless. Studying was hard with no money to pay school fees, books, pockets money, Uniform, but Neighbors and teachers play a vital important roles back than. Why? because I was a good boy treating adults with respects and because I had the potential to succeed but lacking the resources to go on.

Its was never easy to be kicked out from the class because I failed to produce the exercise book. Its was hard, but friends where there. They played their roles as well. and even today I still beg Lord to bless them where ever they are. My job is to pay it forward.

I understood one things " The world isn't straight, so why I have to expect my life to go straight" twist and turn was there but I persevered. You my friend can do more that me, never perservere but just Do what you can do, and ask God to take care of the rest. I am sure that nothing can stand in front of you. I am sure your harvest will always be full. I am sure you will as well break through all. Keep this motto with you, Never never never let your dream die because you are rich if you have a dream, but poor without a dream.

Author's Bio: 

I just an normal and ordinary person, who believe in the beauty of my dreams and who live one day at a time.