If you’re planning an engagement celebration for a newly engaged couple, you should feel honored that you’re able to create a special memory in their minds involving their wedding. Engagement parties should be treated as the precursor to a wedding. While many engagement parties take place a while before an actual wedding, they can still incorporate some of the actual wedding aspects into the celebration, including themes, color schemes for linens, and centerpieces. Engagement parties can be casual or formal, depending on the preference of the couple and the host. If the party is not a surprise, you’ll want to consult the bride and groom and ask what types of things they’d like to incorporate into their party; everything from food to table linen.

Your first step in party planning should be choosing a date and a location. Then, whether you use an online or snail mail invitation, you can try to choose a date when the majority of your guests are available. Even though it can be difficult because many families and friends live across the country, and even the world, you should try and make the party location a convenient one for most guests.

Then, once you have the location and date, you can start planning the other details including:




Tablecloth linen


Music or entertainment


Once the party week arrives, things can be set up and created in advanced. Try and sneak into the venue early to get some decorating completed. Adorn bare tables with table linen and use cloth table coverings for more warm and beauty. For that extra-special touch, select tablecloth linen in the color and style chosen by the bride for her reception. Add some personal touches to the décor of the party by enlarging photographs of the couple and posting them around the room. Another cute touch includes circulating a notebook or journal during the event so guests can sign it and give their best wishes to the couple. Sometimes, if this is done in secret, it can be a wonderful surprise to present the newlyweds on the day of their wedding.

In terms of planning the whole affair, try and have everything ordered, made and set up before the day of the event. Things like tablecloth linen, food and decorations should all be handled prior to the day of the party so you can enjoy and celebrate this momentous occasion with everyone.

Get creative and make it special for the couple. From cloth table coverings to dramatic centerpieces, you can really personalize the event. So, if you think you’re ready to host this engagement party, start planning!

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