The latest thing in medicine is the ‘fact’ that all medicine is based on solid, scientific evidence.

Excuse me? At least 70% of all medical practice has no scientific basis, relying instead on tradition, rumor and best guess. Meanwhile, doctors, according to the latest statistics available, kill 1200 patients a month with the medicines they prescribe. Obviously, their evidence doesn’t come with a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ requirement.

In the interest of science, this new evidence-based medical paradise dismisses patient symptoms.. Too ‘anecdotal’ don’t you know, and besides, doctors insist, patients lie. Perhaps you wondered why the doctor ignores you. Now you know. Kinda gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?

So let’s take a short stroll through two areas of medicine and see what’s there.

First stop: Did you know there’s no scientific basis for vaccines? They have anecdotal evidence–which apparently works for vaccines but not for symptoms–but no science.

Flu shots don’t even have anecdotal evidence. Although widely advertised, they don’t work and they don’t have a nickel’s worth of any kind of evidence to back them up. And certainly no science. Did you know that getting flu shots increases your risk of dementia?

When they shoot you up with any vaccine, it includes glutamate, which inflames your brain, which, in turn, can damage your endocrine system, your nervous system or both.

And the same stuff is in the shots they give to infants. So we risk our kids’ health and future to throw a few shekels into Big Pharma’s commodious pockets. They have friends in government who made immunizations, unproven though they are, mandatory.

Did you know, for one example, that the mumps vaccine is riskier than getting mumps–even as an adult? And if your pediatrician blows the whistle, he/she could end up without a license to practice medicine? The fix is in.

Pardon me all to pieces for going moral, but sacrificing kids for profit is evil.

Stop two brings us to evidence-based blood tests. I deal with thyroid issues, so let’s talk about one of the thyroid tests. Did you know the TSH test, the gold standard of thyroid tests, has no science behind it? It was adopted based on a vote of endocrinologists. I kid you not!

And it’s such a bust that medical schools, one by one, are dropping it from the curriculum. But if you don’t hit the mark on that bad boy, you don’t get the medicine you need to make you feel halfway human again.

But then, the medicine of choice is as lame as the test,–yet another ‘follow the money’ story. Bottom line? If your thyroid goes south, so does your life.

Well, I could go on. And on. And on. And on. Medicine doesn’t serve us well. Why? Because medicine has no accountability to the patient.

Here’s my plan to change that: First, everybody pays for their own insurance; that alone gives you leverage to force change. As long as health insurance is a deal between employers and insurance companies–or worse, government--you don’t count, and good doctors are silenced. Second, the states can’t edict what coverage you get. Third, you can buy your health insurance wherever you want to. Last, your cost of health insurance is deductible from state and federal taxes.

With that simple plan, health insurance costs will plummet, the level of care will skyrocket and evidence-based medicine will die a natural death. What’s not to like?

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Bette Dowdell is not a doctor, nor does she purport to be one. She's a patient who's spent the past 30+ years studying, with great success, how to handle endocrine problems. Her best credential is that doctors tell her she’s doing ‘too well’ for somebody with pituitary problems. Subscribe to her free e-zine and get plugged in to her information at If you’re dragging your patooty, but the doctor says you’re just fine, this is the place to get some answers.