Tick and flea control - A new perspective

The spring season is always accompanied by the problem of flea and tick infestation in your pet. With almost sixty four percent of the households in the United States owning pets, it is no wonder that this problem might seem like never ending. Even the most vigilant pet owner cannot seem to eliminate a risk flea and tick infestations and when the preventive measures fail, it is time that they opt for a proper tick and flea control measure such as the Frontline Plus.

Frontline plus: A perspective for killing flea and ticks

Frontline Plus is able to act as a very fast as well as an effective and convenient treatment in terms of killing fleas and ticks on your pets. It can prevent the infestations in large numbers by killing the adult fleas, the larvae and the flea eggs. Not only that, this flea and tick preventive also prevents all stages of the existing fleas, be it the eggs, larvae or the pupae from fully developing into an adult flea thus, preventing the chance of developing serious diseases such as flea allergy dermatitis.

As for ticks, this tick and flea and tick control is very effective in killing all stages of the American Dog tick, the lone star tick, the brown dog tick and the deer tick which is considered to be the major carrier Lyme disease and at the same time controls and prevents re-infestations. As mentioned above, ticks can sometimes prove to be a major hazard since they might inject in your dog some serious diseases.

Frontline plus active ingredients

This flea and tick control contain fipronil as well as an insect growth regulator known as S-methoprene. Fipronil damages the central nervous system of these parasites while S-methoprene wholly interrupts the life cycle of the parasites. This means that the flea and ticks that are exposed to this insect growth regulator will never develop into adults thus reproduction will also not take place. The former collects in the oil glands and hair follicles and continues to release from the same, into the skin as well as the fur. Thus, we can say that Frontline Plus is an effective flea and tick control that provides long-lasting effective against flea and ticks.

Since, the flea and tick control collects under your pets' hair follicles, it is also a waterproof remedy. Thus, this flea and tick preventive;

• Kills all the existing flea and ticks that might inhibit your pet.

• Also kills chewing lice.

• Is especially beneficial for those pets that love to swim since it is waterproof.

• Also controls sarcoptic mange infections.

• Can provide a full month protection with each application, etc.

This medication is meant for topical use only. If accidental ingestion is suspected contact your vet immediately.

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