Have you ever stopped and wondered how the people of the future would remember the times we lived in? Would they remember us for all of the revolutionary ideas we came up with?

Would they remember us as the first people who connected the whole world through the Internet?

Or maybe they would remember our time on this planet as the start of a new age.

But sadly, at the rate that we’re going, there might not even be a future for these people. Well technically, we might not even have a future for ourselves. Recent reports say that within the next 50 years, sea levels will rise of at least by 10 feet. And even though for many people this doesn’t seem alarming at all, this rise in sea levels would just be the start of many disasters that might end up wiping out all of humanity.

But why?

The Law of Balance, one of the Seven Basic Laws of Nature (www.AscendancePro.com/7blon/), clearly states that something is Created when it is needed, Preserved for as long as it serves its purpose, and Destroyed when it is no longer needed or threatens the survival of other species or things. And that is exactly what we human beings are doing. Little do we know that by polluting our Earth and disrupting the once perfect eco-system, we are slowly killing our planet.

If you noticed, many movies and shows have started calling us humans a ‘disease’ that is slowly poisoning our world.
And even though this might not be particularly true, they do have a point. But unlike any of those movies, the ‘cure’ for this ‘disease’ isn’t going to come from an alien invasion or a psychotic villain. This ‘cure’ has to come from us. We need to start taking small steps if we want to save our planet and ensure that we have a place for us and the people of the future to live in.

And if you’re in conflict on what to do now on this matter, maybe you should bear in mind that one of the reasons why
Climate Change has gotten so bad in the first place is because of our very own thoughts, words and actions. The world on the outside is ultimately just a reflection of the state of our minds. And if that sentence only confused you further, then what I’m trying to say is that the only way we’re are going to start making a change and helping our planet is by changing our thoughts and our perception of things first. Then only can we start taking the appropriate actions to making our world a better place.

For example, the current goal that many people have is to make loads of money so that they can live a ‘comfortable’ life, and yet what many people don’t see is that they actually don’t really need much to live a more than happy life without having to accumulate so much. But yet the reason why the work excessively and barely have time to enjoy the money they have earned is because of their own fear and greed.

This same ‘Fear’ and ‘Greed’ is what prevents us from truly pouring our hearts and dedication into helping our world. We always Fear that we do not have enough and are greedy to have more. Because of this, we cut down more trees to build houses, buildings, factories and more of everything that we can. However, if we just spread all the money and all the land that we have claimed evenly around the planet, we would realize that we have more than we actually need or could ever hope to use.

How can we save our world if everyone is just busy tearing it into pieces for more money?

But, it doesn’t have to be like this. All it takes is for some of us to start changing our minds in regards to what is more important; money or our planet. And if we can do that, we can actually rescue the Earth, together. So when the people of the future look back at us, they won’t just remember us for the things that we did, but also as the people who saved the world.

Start your timers, people; because if you think we still have a couple of years left, you’re wrong. We need to start fixing the problems we’ve created before it’s too late.

Tick-tock, Time is running out.


"The trouble is you think you have time." - Buddha

Also, if you want to check out more climate change feel free to check out this website: http://www.unilad.co.uk/articles/according-to-this-climate-scientist-we-...

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