Entrepreneur, fashion designer and stylist, Tigerlily Hill is like a comet, launching in fiery brilliance from earth to great heights. This fashion guru has been charting a tremendous path to global success for the last few decades, and today, she stands on the cusp of international superstardom.  Where will this journey take her? Undoubtedly to inspirational places and experiences in fashion! This is a journey no fashion enthusiast wants to miss. So buckle up for an exciting and thrilling ride to fashion peaks!

By the time Hill, who hails from the tropical Cayman Islands but has lived in England and the US, had completed her education, she was on a trajectory to success. She majored in business at the University of Iowa and later studied apparel manufacturing in London.  This background would serve as a powerful support for her foray into fashion and ultimately her tremendous success as a fashion entrepreneur.

Out From the Blocks… With a Sprint

VH1’s reality fashions show Glam God jump started Hill’s trajectory to success. Contestants on the show were required to demonstrate their talents as stylists by creating looks for their clients.  Hill’s performance was remarkable and as the competition drew to a close, she found herself in the top two.  This success revealed Hill’s talent to the world. It also inspired Hill to kick her fashion game up a notch by creating her own line. The result was amazing. Her new line Crown Atelier has been enjoying tremendous success since then.

When the US channel E! decided to showcase her work, Hill’s race to the top took on new speed. As a designer and stylist she was in high demand as was her work. She became a go to designer and stylist for many Hollywood events. Heavy hitters in the industry like Keira Knightly, Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff, Grace Byers and Britney Spears engaged her services and she created amazing ensembles for them.

Soon she was named among the world’s most promising up and coming tastemakers by fashion media giants such as Essence Magazine. She has also been featured in Caribbean Newspapers like The Jamaica Gleaner which describes her as ‘one of the Caribbean’s best young designers’ in their May 1, 2015 articl , Moda Magazine, which describes her as possessing ‘fashionable wings’ the Cayman Compass and Skies Magazine which describes her as ‘dynamic and energetic’.

A Fast Growing Fan Base

As Hill’s popularity grows her fan base is also increasing in number. People from around the world are discovering her fashion genius and being converted into loyal fans and clients. Her social media pages reflect this tremendous growth. Hill Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages receive millions of visitors daily. She has received thousands of followers, likes and flattering posts on these pages. Inspired by the designer as well as her creations, fans are moved to post comments such as ‘absolutely gorgeous!’ , ‘lovely’, ‘gorgeous’ and ‘beautiful’. Her website, which also hosts her ecommerce store also tells the tale of her swiftly growing popularity with millions of visitors each day.  The fact that she focuses on giving her pieces an ideal combination of style, timelessness and comfort has helped to give Crown Atelier an edge over many of its competitors on the market.

Hill has her sights set on continuous grand scale exploits in fashion. She has plans, for example, to expand her Celeb boutique concept, which currently has a store in Grand Cayman to include a US based branch. She has just partnered with Caymanian model, Nik Stewart on  ventures that include an eco-friendly swimsuit resort line and a diverse talent/mother agency, that manages a diverse group of individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry. Both companies have an underlying theme of diversity, transparency, passion, positive attitude and vision.

The fact that Hill is experiencing such a phenomenal growth in popularity so far is an indicator that this fashion guru is poised to dominate the global fashion scene in the very near future.

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