It’s a well-known and a widely accepted fact that pregnancy and childbirth change a woman’s body in unimaginable ways. And the one part of the female body that has the hardest time is the vagina, especially if the delivery is vaginal!

Pushing a little person out of the vagina is nothing short of a miracle. However, the pushing leads to certain temporary (but impactful) changes in the vaginal canal, which can loosen and weaken the muscles in that area.

How your vagina looks and feels after childbirth depends on a number of factors such as:

i) The size and the weight of your baby
ii) The amount of pushing done
iii)Your age
iv) Your genetics
v) Your health during pregnancy and after childbirth
vi) How quickly your skin heals

Changes in the Vagina after Delivery

You can expect the following changes to your vagina post-delivery:

1. Loosening of the Birthing Canal

The vaginal canal is bound to stretch to a great extent at the time of pushing the baby out, and it will be a while before it regains its original tightness. After giving birth, you will feel that your vagina has become looser, swollen, painful, tender, and more open. While the pain and swelling will heal in a few days, it will take some time and effort for the vaginal muscles to get back in shape.

2. Urinary Incontinence

This is another condition that several new moms have to deal with. A lot of women experience leakage when they sneeze or laugh too hard after delivery. This is due to the weakened pelvic muscles.

3. Extreme Dryness

Several new moms experience extreme dryness in the vagina. This is because the level of the estrogen hormone in the body decreases greatly during childbirth.

4. Painful Sex

It is not uncommon to find new moms being averse to sex after what their vagina has recently endured. Even if they do try to have intercourse, it can be extremely painful for the first time with the vagina still recovering from the birthing.

Getting Your Lady Parts Back in Shape

The above conditions can cause discomfort and even embarrassment in new moms. But as mentioned earlier, getting your vagina back in its pre-delivery shape is possible with time and some work. Here are two highly effective methods to achieve this.

1. Kegel Exercises

Doctors usually recommend Kegel exercises to help new moms strengthen their vaginal muscles. These are extremely popular and work wonders. All you need to do is:

a. Squeeze your vaginal muscles as tightly as you can (as if you were holding your pee)
b. Hold the muscles in place for a few seconds, and then release them
c. Typically, this procedure is done for five minutes every day, three times a day.

Kegel exercises work your vaginal muscles and make for a good workout for them. Performing them regularly can bring you permanent results, usually within a few weeks or months. They’re so simple and discreet to perform, you can do them when brushing your teeth, breastfeeding, or even at your work desk.

2. Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

While surgical options such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are always available, they turn out to be extremely costly and bring along a few risks, such as loss of sensation, permanent scarring, abnormal bleeding, severe infection, and nerve and bladder/rectal damage.

Fortunately, you now have the option of using a vaginal rejuvenation wand instead, which is a safe, non-surgical means of tightening the vagina. It is designed to work the vaginal muscles and increase their strength and tightness. For quicker results, its usage can be combined with Kegel exercises.

The wand looks like a tampon, and can be easily inserted inside the vagina. Using it will help you in the following ways:

a. Tightened Vaginal Walls

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of undergoing vaginal surgery especially after pushing a baby out of there. Further, one may forget to perform Kegel exercises or may not have the time to do them correctly. This is where the vaginal wand comes into the picture.

b. Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

When the vagina is tight, you and your partner can expect to have more satisfying sex with better penetration, thereby ensuring that the two of you reach an intense climax together.

c. Suitable for Maintaining Feminine Hygiene

The wand can help women get rid of itching and pain resulting from yeast infections. This makes it a great product from the feminine hygiene point of view.

d. Say Goodbye to Vaginal Odor

One of the best thing about the wand is that it absorbs the excess bad bacteria from the vagina without robbing it of the helpful good bacteria. It also leaves behind a fresh fragrance.

e. Does Not Interfere with Natural Vaginal Discharge

In no way does the wand mess with your body’s natural pH balance, which is why using it will have no impact on the color and amount of the vaginal discharge.

f. Safe for Use

Regardless of your age or the stage of life you’re in, rest assured that the vaginal rejuvenation wand is safe for use for women of all ages.

g. Confidence Booster

A tight vagina will surely raise your confidence, even if it means at a subconscious level. You’ll feel better during sex knowing that both, your partner and you are going to enjoy the results from using the wand.


Regardless of how taxing a normal delivery is on the vagina, it is still the preferred method for childbirth. The good news is that the aftereffects of such a delivery can be dealt with in safe, comfortable and convenient ways. Whether you opt for Kegel exercises, the vaginal rejuvenation wand or both, you can take heart in the fact the vagina was designed for childbirth, and it will get back in shape as long as you abide by your doctor’s instructions and follow one or both of the above methods properly.

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