TikTok is a mobile app of Chinese origin created in 2016. It is a social platform on which each user can upload video clips for up to 60 seconds. TikTok is a platform that is popular among very young people. They use this platform to show off their talent that, in result, makes them popular on this app. Most users buy TikTok followers to increase their visibility in no time. As we know it today is the evolution of the Musical.ly app, which different from TikTok has "only" the number of songs on the platform, while on TikTok ALL MUSIC is present on the Internet. Understanding this market change and knowing how to leverage TikTok ADS can be a winning strategy for companies.

Why advertise on TikTok?

Using TikTok ADS can be really effective for business; this social network hosts 800 million active users per month and has great potential due to user-generated content.
Surely we must take into account our target audience and the goal of our campaigns.
Let's see in detail the settings and types of campaigns that we can create.

Targeting in TikTok ADS campaigns

• Age
• Geolocation
• Gender
• Device operating system
• Connection
• Interests
• Behaviors
• Pixel Tracking
• Custom Audience

Types of campaigns

• Hashtag Challenge:
A full-screen form of advertising that invites users to share their content through hashtags. Hashtag-based challenges can prove to be phenomenal channels for achieving remarkable visibility, as they encourage participants to actively contribute by adding their own content around the same topic (User Generated Content).

• Hashtag Challenge Plus:

It is a sort of upgrade to the Hashtag Challenge and allows you to add an area called Discover. Here the products related to the challenge can be added through an external link or direct connection to an area where the user can buy the product directly.

• Brand Takeover:
It consists of a Full-Screen ad in which the user views the ad as soon as he starts the TikTok application. From here, the user can be redirected to an external or internal link. This "placement" is limited to one advertiser per day.

• Branded Lens:
This type allows you to create filters and models that users can use in their videos. In this way, the user will create the content (User Generated Content).

• Top View:
This format is similar to the Brand Takeover; we find it within "For you," together with other videos, usually with the presence of a ‘Call To Action.’

It is the native format that all users use, in which sponsored videos are shown among organic ones. Due to this, we can confuse these contents well, making them seem "not sponsored."

Minimum budget required

For the moment, the minimum amount of money to spend is 500 dollars, the revenue models counted are:
• CPC (Cost per Click)
• CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
• CPV (Cost per View, 6 seconds)


TikTok is a decidedly interesting platform to capture the attention of an audience of young people looking for lively entertainment and tools to share their creativity.
At the moment, the TikTok ADS seem a really far tool for small/medium businesses, but large companies have already taken over. This means that the market is also moving on this social network, and it is essential to stay updated to seize it in time. With TikTok ADS, don’t forget to buy TikTok followers to increase your following count and instant success.

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With advanced targeting and unique ad creation features, the TikTok Ads platform is unlike many of its predecessors.