The construction of a building, whether it is a house, office, shopping mall, a warehouse or any other place is not restricted only towards the use of cement, steel, iron rods, mortar, but there are lots of various other materials which are used for developing other segments of that building. You will agree that no building is complete without the windows, which allows the smooth flow of light and air inside the building. And, therefore when it comes to construction of windows apart from finding the suitable place for their construction the contractor is also concerned about the type of material that should be used for making them which is best suited to the financial condition of the building owner.

Interestingly, despite of the fact that today there are lots options available in front of contractors, timber windows not only in Sussex but across the world are highly preferred by most of them due to plethora of benefits offered by them. The worth mentioning feature of windows made from timber is that they can be developed in different shapes and designs depending upon the architecture of that particular building. Along with this these windows do not require any specific maintenance and a simple coat of polish is enough to retain their original color with minute repair.

Moving ahead if you want to replace them with the new set of windows it is easier to install the new set of windows without making any change in the shape of existing infrastructure. Similarly, if you want to make any change in their configuration like installing the glass between the existing structures it can also be easily done without changing the current configuration. It would be interested to as compared to other material, timber windows offer a robust solution to the security of your home too, although in the early days these windows were criticized because for their deficiency of fighting with the fire, interestingly today the fire resistant timber windows are now days available in the market.

Along with all these benefits the windows of timber are also helpful in retaining the room temperature constant for a long time depending upon the temperature outside the room, in this they indirectly help in minimizing your expenses on electricity bills to a certain extent. But, before your contractor installs timber windows in your house there are certain factors which you should keep in concern before finalizing the deal:

1. Look for the guarantee: When you buy the timber windows from the market you are also offered the viable guarantee from the dealer, depending upon the condition that you will maintain the window according to the terms and conditions determined for its use. Anyhow the window that you purchase is offered with pre-finish, then you are liable to enjoy various types of guarantees for specified period of years:

a. 30 years guarantee for not being affected by any type of fungus;

b. 8 years on paint;

c. 10 years guarantee on double glazed;

d. 5 years guarantee on stain finish.

Apart from these guarantees you are offered guarantee varying from five to ten years for any problem arising due to manufacturing defect.

2.Select the best material: When you plan to install timber windows at your place, configuring the multi layered would be the best option for you to enjoy long-lasting use of these windows. Because the windows developed by making use of three to four layers are able to cope strongly with varied atmospheric conditions. Along with this these windows are able to resist warp and twist in much better way as compared to single layered window. Similarly, you should also try to get the multi layered pain on the windows so that the color do not fades easily after the short span of time.

3.Heritage look: If your building is located in some area of heritage relevance, then not only it is mandatory for you to install windows of timber at your place, but it is also imperative for you to get them developed strictly accordingly to the pattern of yester years so as to retain the heritage look of that location.

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In simple words it can be said that despite of vast technical developments across the world, there are some things which do not leave their charm forever and continue to enjoy the same respect as they had at the time of their origin.