Time --- Personally, I am a very firm believer that “time itself” does not exist...I am convinced that it is only a very necessary invention of mankind!
Having said that, most of us never even consider the fact that every second we waste is gone forever...shot, dead, never more to be lived in again. We are all guilty at one time or another, of complaining that we do not have the time to do something. However, when we really give it some true and deep thought, we soon realize that time is not the problem, it is our willingness, or some depth of fear, that is the real problem. Like everything else, time is a tool for us to use, either to our advantage or to our disadvantage. If we sincerely wish to do something, we always find the time to accomplish it.
Have you ever wondered just how much time is actually yours to do whatever you wish? Think about this! The average American will work, as discussed earlier, about 83,200 hours, many more hours driving to and from work, a heck of a lot more hours dressing and undressing, more hours cooking, and untold more studying, ironing, doing the laundry, etc.. If you really wish to motivate yourself to plan your life for the better, take a rough estimate of everything you have to do for one week and multiply it times 52 weeks, and that answer times 40(years) --- you may want to be sitting down when you get to the total!
If you live in or near a large city, find a high spot along the interstate during morning or evening rush hour, and take a good long look at the thousands of vehicles. Are you one of them? Is that what you want to do for numerous years of your life? It is your life...you can change and improve your life anytime you wish. You have the freedom, the right, and an obligation to just say no to anything and anyone who is trying to hold you back from you fulfilling your dreams. Are you in charge of your life, or is someone else directing it for you?
If we are going to enjoy our lives to the best of our abilities, then, as you already know, we have to take charge of our lives. We need to face that dude or dudette in the mirror and let them know who is in charge. Naturally, we are going to make some errors in whatever we do, but we just have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and keep on keeping on. If we don't, then there is no possible way we are ever going to attain our full potential...we can just kiss it goodby!
We have to tell that individual in the mirror that he/she is not a victim of someone or something else...otherwise our attitude, confidence, self-esteem, and every other plus we have is going to be completely our of control, and we will be controlled by others and the circumstances around us.
Where are you now? Without looking up, close your eyes and attempt to name everything around you...what it is, what color is it, and what is it's purpose? Do you really like it? In other words, are you always aware of your surroundings? Slow down and relax...take note of who and what is near you---live your life!
Each of us only have a certain amount of time to evolve into a good and positive person with a sense of which direction we are headed...and whether we like it or not, we must have morals and principles.
Believe it or not, when we instill morals and principles within ourselves, they give us the confidence to interact with the entire world, the determination to be far better off than we are...plus, they allow us to love and laugh, overcome our fears, gives us the desire to increase our knowledge, and the creativity to be ourselves, and enjoy the time of our lives.

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